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  1. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    OK so our pediatrician has called and said to bring the girls in for the first Flu shot/mist.
    Then I suppose they will call and ask us to come in for the H1N1- shot.

    Do we know if the new H1N1 vaccine is really protecting anyone?
    I very rarely get the girls flu shots... but now I feel like there is so much pressure.
    I also would hate for someone to give it to them and then for them to pass it on.
    I am really good about keeping them home, but you never know how long they have had it at times.
    We have been really lucky with sickness in our house... knock wood!

    What is everyones opinion or what have you read/heard?
  2. jal

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    The H1N1 vaccine is supposed to be available next month (last I heard). I haven't seen anything with-regards to it's effectiveness. I imagine it will be along the lines of the regular flu shot, you still can contact the flu, but have a milder case than with-o the shot.

    Our pediatrician's office said to contact them this week regarding clinics. husband and my GP said end of the month for scheduling the shot.

    husband and I get our flu shots every year since he came home 9 years ago with it and gave it to me. We were both out of work for a week. Very ill.

    I have contacted the flu 2x in my life. Once at the age of 3 (and I remember it) and 9 yrs ago thanks to husband.

    difficult child gets a flu shot every year as he had RSV as an infant and was relegated to the high risk catagory. Luckily, illness is highly rare for difficult child since he contacted everything under the sun when he was an infant/toddler in daycare. Knock on wood, but he hasn't had a cold in over a year and I can't recall the last time he was sick with-fever, maybe 4+ years ago...(I know I just jinxed myself).
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    I had a dr appointment on Tuesday and when I asked about the flu shot, she gave me mine. My dr said that most of the southern states are already seeing flu breakouts (early) so she said she's trying to give the shots out earlier than normal, instead of waiting until October as usual.

    Regarding the H1N1 shot, she's being very conservative. She has made the decision to accept her allotted amount of shots, however, she's not giving them out until at least 30,000 have been administered and have been deemed safe. She feels that the H1N1 vaccine was developed too fast and under pressure and she's just not that comfortable giving it out as per usual. So she's waiting.

    She reminded me that it's never too late to get the shot, but that rushing in may not be such a good idea. She also reminded me of basic hand washing, coughing into your elbow, staying out of crowds and remaining home when feeling ill.

    I was relieved when she said all of this as I was having some reservations about getting the H1N1 shot already. I am going to wait. I'm so glad I got my shot already - now I have to get easy child and difficult child in there for theirs! easy child working at a daycare makes me nervous!
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    We go in today for the girls HEP-A boosters.
    Our doctor doesn't want like to load the girls up on Vaccines. So she wants us to come in next week for the regular flu shot or mist.
    K gets the shot. N has such anxiety... I may do the mist again.
  5. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    We went yesterday and got the Hep-A and the Flu shots.
    Our pediatrician said she feels hesitant about the H1-N1 vaccine.
    She said it has not been trialed on kids nor pregnant women nor the elderly.
    She also said the people that hat have received it so far have not been exposed to the actual Flu Virus as far as she has read and been told.
    She said she would personally wait until next year.
    So I think that is what we are going to do.
    N did really well! It looks like all of the practice with each other and her dolls worked.