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    No more cousin over night. It is too much. I talked to my mom, and told her it was too hard, and I really wanted to help her but could not do that at the expense of my sanity and my families stabilty. She was in agreement. I also told her I thought that grandfather should hire someone to help her, at least a housekeeper. She said she just did not know how to bring it up. Grandfather is a very kind and mellow guy, and loves to help his family. He really is a great guy. I told her that she needed the help, to aim it as she needed it and then they could do things for him too. She thought that might work.

    I also got reccomendations for a therapist for me from difficult child's therapist (she only sees kids). Have an appointment next week, and this time I am making myself go several times. Today is a good day, but things could get interesting as husband is going to have some major medication changes ahead, and I HATE those. There have been more bad than good ones in our lives, so I get a little freaked out but cannot talk to husband about it cuz I will freak him out. I will have to talk to someone, so I guess it is time to pay for someone to talk to. More bills. Oh well.

    Anyway, thanks marg and lisa for helping me out on the last post. You guys gave some great advice. Now difficult child will not have to be around T without me around. The only time T will stay the night will be once a month when my aunt comes to visit and my mom stays at the house here.

    Thanks guys. Eveyone here is appreciated. Without this board I would be a sobbing mess in the corner. Not a pretty picture.