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  1. I received a phone call this morning from the care coordinator for the Katie Beckett application that I submitted for difficult child. Apparently difficult child at this point doesn't have the "level of care" that is required to get the waiver. I have to contact a state regional center here that needs to come out and assess him. If they determine that he has a level of care for their services then, the Katie Beckett waiver app will get pushed through.

    Here's the potential problem: this regional center support people with developmental disabilities in their efforts to live, work, and recreate in the community. So in otherwords, difficult child has to have some sort of developmental element to his issues. I don't know about that. I guess I will just have to call them and arrange the appointment and go from there.
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    We have a waiver in our state for daughter, although it's not called Katie Beckett here. I was told my son would not qualify. BUT, we have another waiver for disabled and I have applied for him to get that, if possible. Now, when the person called for the initial phone screening she asked if he needed help bathing, I clarified that he has a mental illness, not a physical disablity. I had been told by someone else that he would qualify for this- we'll see.

    Anyway, have you done an extensive search for waivers in your state to see if there are any others?
  3. No, I need to. I was given by a lady at work a lady's name (from her church group) that used to or is involved in a bipolar support group, I am going to be contacting her if I can find a minute to breathe.
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    All states have the Medicaid Waiver so you will have to see what the qualifications are to get services with it. Most the time you have to qualify first for Medicaid and then see if you fit their criteria of what they have for the waivers. Be prepared to be put on some waitlist since most of the states have waitlist for services.