Foo and my accident

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    Predictably, like somebody gaping at a street accident, people who don't care about me and who have even called me evil tried to get the details of my accident. Six had the gall u o text my distraught daughter princess. Gone boys wife who hasn't let me see my grandsons alley doctors for details. She is a nirse.
    I am still here for a while reason. I am not going to deal with anyone who fakes the eh care in emergencied. I love those who.really love me or call than the ever

    No cheating.
    I.go home today,
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    Glad that you are able to go home... its a good step forward.
    Look after yourself!
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    You cannot possibly understand how grateful we are to have you back, Serenity.

    We thought you'd left us by choice. So, we were kind of kicking ourselves in the pants over that one.


    We checked obits, checked Facebook, checked everything and everywhere we knew but we had the wrong city, and could not find you.

    We've missed you.

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    No I would not leave that way. Thank u for caring.
    I can't type much yet. I am in a cast and hard to do
    Love you.
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    Copa is being Germany and, in her efficiency, may not have seen this yet. Many changes in your absence.

    So glad you are back.