Food Poisoning


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:faint::faint::faint: My daughter and I went out to dinner about 8pm last night. Got home about 9pm and popped in a movie. After 15 minutes later she says...what going on over sounds like a tornado in your stomach.

I said...I don't feel too good. Another 15 minutes later I had to BOLT to the restroom. Af first it was about 4 trips with um (sorry) massive diarehha. I told her I was going to go lay down. Layed down and she asked me if I wanted some Pepto. I told her THAT would probably make me throw up. Well, she had Immodiam in pill form. Brings me one of those horse pills and water. I try to take the pill and it gets stuck for enough in my throat that it wouldn't go up or down. I literally couldn't break. About 10 minutes later...she's freaking out...I'm freaking out...I realize I need to throw up.

Now if you think I bolted before, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'm running through the house not breathing with my hand over my face. I *almost* make it, almost being the key word:anxious: I get back up and reach the toilet. I have never seen a series of projectile vometing EVER. I'm shaking, trying to catch my breath and barely make it back to bed.

About another 5 minutes go by...uh, oh. I repeated this scenario until 7am. Couldn't sleep...still shaking.

Now here's the icing on the cake. Good timing body...I get one my classic all nighter heat flashes.:mad:

I feel better today, WHAT A NIGHT! No more Gyros for me.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
Maybe it was the Tzatziki sauce? (I just like saying that)

Yeah nothing like a highly flavored meal coming back up... I haven't had that happen in a long time.
Sorry you were, um, pinwheeling. (I like saying that also)

I hope you are feeling better, both ends and in between.


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Been there, done that. You poor, poor gal.

Times like those, I miss my old apartment - the sink was directly across from the toilet, and only about 2 feet away. However, I do NOT miss food poisoning. At all. Makes me queasy just remembering.

( I'm wondering what I'd do now that my sink is not next to the potty, ha)


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The funny thing was when I stumbled to the couch and sat down next to her I started to laugh. She looks at me and says, "What's so funny?" I told her that after the fisrt barf very sincerely said...oh, mom...are you ok? But with the next few heaves, it changed to OH GOD...then louder...OH GOD...then OH GOD, OH GOOODDD!:surprise:

She said she thought she was going to puke.:anxious::anxious::anxious:



Here we go again!
Maybe you two should just stick to eating in for a while! Ugh -- that's no fun at all. Did you call the restaurant to let them know? Not that you'd want to be going back there even if they did offer you a free meal to compensate...

I hope your tummy is better today!


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I do feel MUCH better. I thought about calling the place, but it probably wouldn't do too much. I could take back the other half that I didn't eat...thank god!


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been there done that and hope to never repeat it. Unfortunately Nichole's boyfriend seems to order things that either are easy to go bad or something. Poor kid has had it a dozen times in the last couple of years.

Glad you're feeling better today.



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abbey eww ive had food poisoning it's horrible. i cant believe after a night like that you are so happy lol. sheesh i'd still be in bed, yea no more gyro's for you!!!

glad you feel better!