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    I know some on here are very savvy about this stuff, I am not. I am hoping to pick some brains here.

    My income is too high for food stamps (not by much) unless husband was on disability in which case they would somehow compensate for medical expenses.

    My question is, if I provide documentation of medication, therapy and doctor visit costs per month can I possibly get any assistance even though husband has been denied disability? I would like them to consider difficult child's medications and therapy visits. I get a very good deal on therapy and Occupational Therapist (OT) visits, but I still have to pay. It is getting so hard to pay the few bills I have and pay for medications, medications and more medications. husband takes more prescriptions than my 84yr old grandfather and needs hernia surgery. difficult child has a couple spendy ones too.

    I know that many of us struggle with medication and mental illness related costs. It is truly outrageous.
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    I don't know about that.

    However, the income limit for medicaid is usually higher. You may be able to get difficult child covered, and possibly husband. That would lower your medical expenses.

    In Ohio, once you've applied for SSDI, you can apply for state disability, as well. It doesn't take as long, isn't dependent on the outcome of your SSDI application and guarantees your health insurance (medicaid) - plus a very small monthly stipend.
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    I don't know but you might as well try it, CM. I hope you get some kind of assistance.
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    As far as I know Oregon does not have state disability. You either apply for SSI or SSDI. husband applied for SSDI as I make too much for him to get SSI.

    I will check into medicaid, but last I knew here you could only get it if there was no health insurance for the last 6 months and it was only for children. The other problem here is that many docs will not take it, many services and medications are not covered. I am pretty sure I would not be able to get difficult child's Occupational Therapist (OT) and possibly therapy covered.

    I just want to check options. I can always send husband after food boxes. That would work too and he did agree to do that.
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    I was thinking along the same lines as Heather. You may have to do a spend down to qualify for medicaid.
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    I think I recall Timer Lady knew of some kind of website where you can order meals, a charity or something, very inexpensively. Angel something or other........
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    I am sorry the burden of the costs is so high. We deal with it too.
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    No angel food ministries or share colorado in Oregon. I checked that. Keep the info coming, that is good.

    TM, I don't think I could do a spend down. I am kinda familiar with that from Home Health when the elderly would do that to get on Medicaid.

    Thanks for all the info guys, keep it coming.
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    Tip: When applying for any assistance whatsoever through a governmental agency such as federal/state public assistance programs (food stamps, medicaid, housing, etc) always, ALWAYS, apply for EVERYTHING. And bring along every piece of paper that details what your monthly expenses are, restricting them to medical, utility and food costs. They don't care about your costs for maintaining and car, etc. They will tell you to sell the car. DO NOT give any indication if you are receiving cash for anything from any outside sources, such as friends or family supplementing your monthly income to help you make ends meet. They will add that to your bottom line and deduct that amount from anything you are eligible for!

    Once they go through everything they will immediately eliminate the things your are NOT eligible for and then work with what is left to help you become eligible for something else, whether it's food stamps or medicaid.

    If you do not qualify for anything at all, ask them about other programs where you may at least be able to supplement your home pantry with foodstuff. There was a program in NY called F.A.N. years ago where it was easy to quality for and you could get things like generic cereals, canned juices, block cheeses and other things. They had a special location to pick these items up and it was easy and everyone is very nice. There is no shame involved at all.

    Another option is to hit up your local church food pantries. Many of them ask no questions and allow you to grab a few bags of groceries to help out. Most items are non-perishable, but many of them now have freezers and fridges for meats and dairy items.

    Also, Aldi and Price Right and Shop Rite stores have many items that regular grocery stores have at just about 1/2 the price!! That is where I shop for most of my pantry items. I still buy my meats at the regular grocery stores but that's only because I won't eat grain fed meat. I save about 30% on my grocery bill by shopping at these discount grocers. Definitely see if there is one nearby. My Price Rite is about 18 miles away but the money I save more than makes up for the drive.

    Another thing to do is call your local town hall. They sometimes have local town programs to help people with food, electric and heating oil. With the upcoming season, you may be eligible for some assistance in other areas such as heat/hot water, which will in turn free up some money for groceries.

    Hugs and best of luck~
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    Along the lines of what JoG is saying, I went to DSS once to apply for a specific aid for my son. They gave me a form that was actually an application for all the various types of assistance (except SSI/SSDI) and told me to complete the entire thing. Even if it doesn't look like you would qualify for any of it, it gets a social worker to call you and you can discuss the situation and maybe get some help by at least one type of assistance. It's worth a shot!