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I went to the foot doctor yesterday. I was never there before, so I was at the window registering. The doctor walks to the reception area and starts yelling at the receptionist about the air conditioning. She said she turned it up because her feet were freezing. He started chewing her out (very loudly) and he yells, "I don't care about your feet". I was just thinking later if anyone would of walked into the "foot doctor" at that particular moment it would of been funny!

Made me some temporary thingys to where on my feet. Taking pressure off second toe. Suppose to take the pain away. Then he said he would make permanent ones. Think I'll make my own. He charges about $700. They just took 1/4 inch felt and cut a U under my second toe. This one is temporary, but I will just buy an insert and do the same.

Also told me I need to buy those theraputic socks to keep the swelling down in my ankles...more than likely due to sitting for 12 hours at work. They don't swell up when I am not working.

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That was pretty funny, and ironic. I probably would have busted out laughing!

I hope things work out with your feet, the socks, etc. I have to see a foot DR I think. The bottoms of my feet just always hurt, especially in the morning. It hurts to stand and walk. I've switched to very cushiony shoes. Despite my best efforts, the heels of my feet have become so hard and now cracked and I can't figure it out really - I moisturize and use the pumice, but they still are hard and dry and hurt like heck. Guess it's time. Stinks getting old.


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$700 bucks?!!! "I don't care about your feet"?!!!

Think it might be time for a referal to another Foot Dr.! :thumbsdown:

How'd you end up with the Dr. Frankenstein of footware?



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My feet were always hurting, especially so when I would wake up. When difficult child was an infant I was walking the floors with him non-stop and it got so bad I was numb up through the backs of my calves. The podiadrist ordered orthodic inserts for me and it's made a huge difference!

The cracking skin I haven't been able to solve. I did get a parafin bath and if I lotion up good then dip in the parafin and sit with it on for about 30 minutes it helps a lot. But like I have the time to do that every day...