football today....what upsets...I got my head handed to me!


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No I dont bet on games but I play on this little game on our local country radio station. Each week listeners can sign up to pick the winners of the weeks games and if you are the top winner for the week, you win a $50 gift certificate and if you are top winner for the season you get $1000 cash.

Well last week I was fourth. Somehow I completely missed week one. I thought I picked my picks but somehow I must not have clicked through completely or something because they didnt register.

This week I really took a bath but my only hope is that others did

I picked:
KC over Atlanta...lost that one.
Buffalo over Oakland...won that one
Chicago over Tampa...lost
Carolina over Minnesota...lost
Patriots over Miami...lost
Giants over Cinci...barely won
Tennessee over Houston...won
Redskins over Arizona...won
Denver over New Orleans....won
San Fran over Detroit....Won
St Louis over Seattle...lost
Ravens over Cleveland....Won
Colts over Jacksonville...lost
Philly over Pittsburg...won
Dallas over Green Bay...won
Chargers over Jets...dont know yet...Monday night game.

Now...lets be real here. Who on earth would have thought the Dolphins would beat the Patriots? Did hell freeze over this weekend? And a 0 and 2 team like Minnisota beat our 2 and 0 Panthers when we just got back our number 1 running back Steve Smith! The Colts couldnt beat a 0/2 team like Jacksonville? Chicago is supposed to be such a good defensive team and they blew it big time to Tampa. Im shaking my head here. LOL.

Im still in just such shock over the Miami game. It was just priceless.


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I can't help you- I'm only a little into college football and I watched TN lose to FL yeasterday. And in a bad way. TH is my team- even though I know they haven't done well in the past couple of years. So, I can only offer an understanding sympathy!!!


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Well I am a major football freak. I adore pro ball. Im also a major NASCAR fan so Im sitting on the couch with my clicker in hand flipping stations at every commercial I wish wish wish they would change NASCAR to saturday nights so I wouldnt be in such a quandary.

I have been into both these sports as long as I can remember.


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I have Steve Smith on my fantasy team. To say I was disappointed about the loss is putting it mildly. I was so happy he was back. sigh

Now, here's a way to feel really bad. Week one my team scored 87 points. I lost -- my opp got 89 points. Week 2, 91 points. I LOST AGAIN! So, I'm first in points but 9th out of 10 teams. How's that for sick? If I lose again this week, I'm gonna go cry.

Actually, I bet the Fish would win this week. Don't know why I thought they would but I did. Think part of it was the fact that I thought the Pats would just be too demoralized without Brady and the Fish have a good coach this year.

Hey, I'll talk pro football with ya all day. The best I can say about NASCAR is that I know some of their names.