For $20 dollars i got.........

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  1. Jena

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    hi, so i did garage sales today. i had no plans, difficult child left this morning older one is out with her friends all day. so i thought movie and couch or outside fresh air, alone with me and my thoughts. so i went out.

    i got for $20 i had to share this.......

    an espresso machine, boyfriend loves the stuff yet we can't afford one.
    a great picture that is now hanging in our living room that totally matches
    a camcorder (i wanted to be able to tape xmas this year) i've never had one.
    a water machine, the ones you stand in the kitchen or wherever and buy the big bottles for it.
    and a beautifully handpainted bird feeder (difficult child's been dying for one) so we'll hang it downstairs in the trees this week.

    not bad for $20, huh..??

    i met some great people too around here. One very sweet couple who were newly married, older in their early 60's both widows found eachtoher and were breaking down "his" old house with their 5 kids together. 4 were his, and 1 was hers.

    they were so sweet. they both looked so peaceful and content more than any other couple i have ever seen.

    ok just wanted to share that. now i'm painting. i got a quart of paint to do trim in living room. i had painted it and trim was white but ugly, so i got a rich brown to go over the nasty white.


    hope everybody had a good day..........
  2. Andy

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    Great finds at very low prices. True garage sale purchases.

    I got a late start this morning. I told difficult child on my way to church that we should have started out earlier and gone to garage sales. Oh well! Spent enough money as it was today.

    I love to go to garage sales and when easy child was a baby that was my escape on Saturday mornings.
  3. donna723

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    Boy, you got some great stuff for just $20! If I ever purposely go to garage sales I never find anything but junk, but if I just sort of run in to them accidentally, I find some great stuff! Several months ago, I just happened to stay home from work one Friday ... I was 'sick'. And I just happened to go to the bank, which just happens to be right across a side street from a church. And the church just happened to be having a yard sale that day and I got there just as they were setting up! And behind piles of glassware and dishes, I just happened to spy two pairs of little black triangle-shaped things sticking up and had to go see what they were! They were a pair of antique heavy metal bookends with little painted metal Boston Terrier figurines on them, just like my two girls! I snatched them up sooo fast - $1 each! Then I spied another set of pointy black ears sticking up ... but that turned out to be a cookie jar shaped like a cartoon cow - let that one pass. But I did find a old white china soup tureen for $3.00!
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    My best find was an 8'x10' antique Persian rug (brought over from "Arabia" or somewhere around there in the 1940's by the seller's dad) at an estate sale for $100. It is all hand knotted and made with vegetable dye. I took it to a rug shop for cleaning and they told me if it was new, it would retail for close to $5,000. I absolutely love the colors and the pattern. If I was rich, I'd have another one made so that when this one wears out I could continue to enjoy it.
  5. susiestar

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    Most of the stuff in my house is from garage sales or estate sales. Heck, even my king size bed was a leftover from an estate sale that my bro was told to haul off and get rid of, so I got it for FREE! It was from a guest room of a nasty old lady who never had guests, so it is basically brand new! NO DIPS!

    You got AWESOME deals for $20 - I think that is wonderful!

    Garage sales can be so much fun. I used to have a laminated map of my town and I would plot out all the sales on it so I could drive around to the interesting ones and not waste gas. It was how I clothed my kids and myself and husband for YEARS.
  6. Pam R

    Pam R New Member


    That was a really great find!

    We've had a few of those over the years. DS wanted a watch. so we stopped at this tag sale, not a selected one, just on the way, and they had a watch for $2, in very good shape. I told DS to try to bargain it to $1. Nope, they wanted $2. I told him to ask his father. husband says, Buy it! So he did.

    Checked online when we got home. It's a deepsea diver's watch, worth $350. They were selling it because the band was too big for their son's wrist.

    husband has picked up 2 deer stands in the last year. One for $25, one for $50. In excellent condition. They retail about $300 each.

    I wrote about the fencing in another post, 7 rolls for $60, each roll retails at about $100. That was 2 weeks ago.

    husband picked up a 2 ton chainfall for $10. They are around $200. That was 2 weeks ago also.

    I pick up the Farberware Classic cookware for $.50 to $5 frequently. I've got about 50+ pieces now, including some rare ones. Stuff retails at $25 and up per piece.

    I also posted previously about a 6 burner (one burner for candy making) gas stove with 2 ovens, a rotisserie and 2 broilers we got for $75. It was immaculate.

    There's been lots of great finds over the years.

    We have a local paper that allows excellent listings, in that you can describe lots of what you offer. So I go through those every Friday night, pick the ones that look best and set up a route. We leave at 7:30 Saturday morning, for the 8:00 ones.

    We stop at ones that look good, if they are on the route, but seldom go off route for any. We're able to do as many as 30 in a morning. Sometimes we find good stuff at the unscheduled ones. But mostly it's just perseverance going out there every Saturday.

    In the beginning, we only took $20 with us, and the checkbook. Seldom spent more than that. But lately we've had to take $50 or more, but we've done really well with it.

    It's how we've managed to survive on a single disability income for the last 10 yrs.

    Pam R.
  7. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    You got some good deals there. :D

    I love yard sales. And I do try to go at least one day of each weekend. I don't always buy, but it can still be lots of fun.

    My recent deals were a little tykes coupe car for Aubrey for 5 bucks, looks like the child never played with it, and expensive baby doll that look like a real baby - she was dirty but cleaned up perfectly with baking soda and water, Aubrey loves her, TJ Bearytales normal retail is like 70 bucks I got 2 over the summer for 15 with all the extras.

    I hate to take husband along and avoid it when I can. But the last couple of weekends he tagged along. Didn't want to stop at a couple of smallish sales that were in not so nice looking houses.......Made him do it anyway. He forgets I've done this for years. Found Alex a new top of the line wardrobe for under 20 bucks including a brand new heavy coat. I've done their yard sales many times and new she had a grandson just a bit older than Alex. husband couldn't believe it. lol At the other I got Travis a new wardrobe of Ralph Lauren clothes for 25 cents each! ANd they looked like they'd just come off the rack. Her son had bought them and then lost a tone of weight. :)

    Also have gotten for dirt cheap......2 little tykes payhouses, little tykes van, little tykes gas pump, little tykes basket ball court......I could go on and on here. lol

    But I do set a money limit before I head out. Usually it's 20 bucks. And it has to be one hellova deal before I'll even consider going over that amount. Otherwise you can get carried away and buy alot of stuff you really don't need.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I have a feeling with this economy we'll see lots and lots more yard sales, and lots more folks shopping thrift shops. Which can also means the pickings won't be as good!

    One year, at a church tag sale, I picked up two Heywood-Wakefield solid ash platform rockers from about the 1950's for $2 a-piece! Still have them, and some day I'll get around to refinishing them and refurbishing the hardware. Or so I keep telling myself... ;)

    I got easy child's bedroom set at my mom's friend's mom's (that's a mouthful) estate. For $700 I got two solid maple twin bed frames, two nightstands, a high-boy dresser, a lower dresser with-framed mirror AND the two mattress sets (ORIGINAL). The mattresses were a bit musty smelling, but still in good shape, so I just encased them in a vinyl zippered case and easy child used hers for about six years until she got heavy enough to notice the springs were starting to poke her :D

    I also got a GORGEOUS ivory French lace table cloth from this same person -- buffet length, and still with the tags and in its original box from Buffum's dept. store from about 1960. I've used it ONCE, and only with a clear vinyl cover over it. It's definitely heirloom quality and something I plan to hand down to easy child when she's grown.

    You just never know what treasures or deals you can find -- and they usually happen when you're not looking for them!
  9. Jena

    Jena New Member


    Wow you guys got great stuff too. I love other people's stuff. lol :)
  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Me too -- other people's stuff comes with built-in character. husband complains somethimes that there's very little furniture we have that was acquired new. I truly have no problem with that. I have 3 kids (2 MAJOR difficult child's) and a difficult child-husband, why on EARTH would I bring something pristine into this house? I tell people I'm going for the distressed look... works for me!