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If I was to start a business, that involved children and transportation, what legal avenues would I need to pursue to safeguard myself - and where would I find these avenues?

Thanks so much guys..........I seem to be stumped on where and how to proceed. I have my business plan, but I just need the legal stuff.


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Didn't you tell me about the place you can download waivers from? I thought it was you, maybe I was mistaken.

Besides a waiver, I would make sure the vehicle used is under a company name and not your personal name, along with the insurance coverage. This way, if you are sued by anyone, they should only be able to go after the company and not you personally.

I did learn with the catering thing if I want to continue, I need to rent a kitchen under a company name for this very reason. Cooking outside of my home makes me personally liable, so all my personal possessions (hahahahah) could be taken as "funds" if sued.


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I would definitely talk with a lawyer about this before you begin. I took a class recently called Teachers and the Law and the professor told us that teachers should never provide transportation for students even if the parents sign waivers against liability in case of an accident. He said that there have been cases where the courts threw out the waiver after an accident occured saying that parents cannot legally sign away their childrens right to sue.



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You'll need a business license, a business insurance policy, and a good strong "bond". You might want to look into a chauffeur's license, as well.

If you are going to start a business involving transportation of children, you should probably talk to a lawyer about advice.


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Anything with kids involved would require great amounts of insurance. This is because if any injuries occur you will not only cover medical expenses of the injury and if you are sued their future earnings and living expenses will come into play....I would think a chauffer's license would be required also. Definitely consult an attorney before going any further. Good luck with this and tread carefully before you invest your life savings.....

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Not sure if this is what you are thinking but there are a couple of Kiddy Taxi cab companies in the area I live in. They look like they must be doing well. Their rates are pretty high but I see their vans all over the place.

They take kids to after school activities and summer day camp type stuff.

Don't use your personal liability car insurance. You have to have a commercial policy. Regular car ins polices in TX do not cover anything where you are being paid to transport people of any age. Commercial policies are usually pretty expensive. You might also look into getting an umbrella policy on top of that.