For Anyone Who's Every Lost The Love Of There Life

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    I want you to be happy when I'm gone.
    When you mourn me, make your mourning bright,
    Adjusting what you long for to the light.
    Nor need you love the less what has passed on.
    The art of memory is celebration,
    Yearning that turns sorrow into song,
    Opening a heart forever young
    Upon the unmade bed of its creation.
    Then celebrate my life, and also death,
    On which I, like a mendicant, depend,
    Begging that my suffering might end
    Even as I fight for every breath.
    Hold onto me with unresentful tears,
    A testament to what we've learned of love,
    Pleased again to move as your heart moves,
    Partaking with no loss in passion of
    ears as rich and full as were our years
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    I also like the way the first letter spells out I want you to be happy.
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    I have like 3 seconds to type this before difficult child 1 lands here on the bus!

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Now study it and live it. Take things one step at a time, talk to the Dr. about antidepressants and promise yourself to embrace 1 thing a day in life.

    Love your children, love yourself, cling to the beautiful memories that the 2 of you had and know in your heart that he's still holding you from the other side.

    Think of his smile and smile, don't hide from the laughter because it will releive the pain.

    Think of his embrace because the memory of the warmth of his touch will empower you to go on.

    Think of the silly things that made your heart jump and revel in the fact that you can do the same for the children that both of you created.

    Dance in the joy that he's still there for you, not in body, but in the total sense of spirit.

    He loves you. He wouldn't want to see you this way.

    Feel better hon,


    The Possible "Prego"