For Better or for Worse

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    I know that you in the US have just gone back to school so you might find this comic strip fun.

    Many of you will know it, the occasional railway theme involving her train mad husband first drew it to my attention some years ago (I am also a train nut for my sins). Our Sunday paper have only just started running this strip so it's new to Marg but it does get the trials and tribulations of parenting down pat!

    Marg's Man
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    Love it!!
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    This strip has been around in the US for at least twenty years. The author/illustrator actually had the kids "raised" to adulthood before taking it back to a new beginning.

    It's an excellent comic strip that deals with everyday social issues and the like.

    It is set in Canada.

    Do some searching and you will find archives of past strips.
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    This has always been one of my very favorite comic strips. It's one of the few where the family got older as time went by, the kids grew up and the parents aged. And it showed a very realistic version of parenthood and how it really is in most people's homes. GN is right, it went on for at least twenty years. In the last ones, the little boy (Michael) is grown up and married and has two children of his own, and the baby girl (Elizabeth?) is getting married. The final strips were about her wedding and it sometimes brought me to tears - can't say that about too many comic strips! And when the final storyline was over, the cartoonist (I think) went into retirement and they just started the comic strip all over again from the very beginning. You might be able to find some of the later ones online.
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    So apropos... and it will ALSO apply once my husband gets another JOB!!! :raspberry: