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    This is a must see video:

    Sad Cat Diary

    The part about the bathtub litterbox is es hilarious in my family. My folks used to have an older cat who got to a point where he would not use the litterbox that had been fine for years. My mother had to get a 9x13 pan and put it in her bathroom by the toilet and shower or the cat used the shower. Usually while she was on the toilet. Knowing this makes the video so much funnier for us. Esp because her cat would go back to the shower if she didn't clean the box immediately. Or he would yowl. But he waited to yowl. Until she was asleep, of course.

    He was a great cat,but he had his own way of training humans.
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    This was hysterical!

    My cat Weasel (nka AngelKitten) would pee in the bathroom sink or the tub if she didn't like her litter box status. And... My parents' cats' litter boxes are in their shower...
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    That was hilarious!
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    My parents' cat was very old, about 14, when his arthritis got really bad. That is why he had a cake pan for a litter box, because the sides were lower than the reg litterbox. He also did not want to use the box their other cat used. He seemed to feel less like the top of the food chain while he pottied and he didn't want to let their other cat know. The other cat, my sweet one that gfgbro killed, had no idea that he was supposed to take over as top cat. He was a HUGE disappointment to the older cat, esp on the 'protect momma' front. My mother is deathly afraid of mice, and has been known to leap onto a counter in one jump if she sees one (it is pretty funny to watch, lol). The younger cat never could figure hunting out. He lost ALL credibility with the older cat the day he lost a mouse behind a soccer ball. It was funny except the older cat was SOOOOOOOOO disgusted with him. He was a lover and soooo not a fighter.

    Right now Capn Morgan has decided that doors shut mean someone is dead. He will open my bedroom door about six times in the evening, I guess to be sure he won't starve to death. At night? He has to not just open it, but LAUNCH himself at it so that it opens with a loud bang so that I won't sleep. He did NOT like the bath he got the third time he did it last night, so I did get some sleep, lol. He is about 21 pounds, mostly fat because his goal in life is to eat and eat and eat like Garfield. He is the only cat I know who likes lasagna. Never had a cat that liked things with tomato sauce, but he does. He eats that, butter off of bread (not the bread, but won't eat anything else with butter on it), whipped cream if no one is looking to see him get it up his nose which happens every time, the juice from tuna but not the tuna itself, and tortilla chips but only if husband is holding them. He is super specific and other than that eats only cat food and cat treats. He does love bread, but not to eat. I finally got thank you to stop leaving the bread out when I gave a fairly detailed description of Captain treating the bread like a girlfriend. That blush and the eeeeuuuuwww look got through and now thank you puts the bread away, lol. He won't put much else away, but he puts that away. Makes me laugh.

    Cats are amazing human trainers, in my opinion.
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    Rofl! Love it!
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    I've got two of the beasties.

    Jake, who is 11 is a rescued feral. He refuses to use a litterbox, instead he goes to the door and howls to be let out so he can relieve himself. He is a typical shorthaired moggie, but has the Siamese coat pattern. I refer to him as a Sia-whatsis.

    He's a sweet boy though not clean in the house if he can't go out or the weather is bad. Luckily, he hits the floor in the same spot and it's easy to clean up.

    Squeaky is a nearly 6 year old rescue. She spent the first 4 years of her life in a hoarder's basement having litter after litter of kittens. She was born with a deformed eye that was constantly getting infected. She sat in a shelter cage for nearly a year before I took her home. Nobody wanted a plain-jane tabby cat with a "nasty" eye. Shortly after I took her home, I had the vet remove the eye. So now she's a one-eyed wondercat.

    She's clean in the house, uses her litterpan like a good girl. But, if I don't stay on top of the scooping, she SCOOPS THE PAN herself! Yep, she kicks all the clumps and solids out onto the bathroom floor if the litterpan is not up her high standards.

    She's a sweetheart, but a bit of a wild child. Very busy and into everything. Jakey sleeps next to my pillow each night and wakes me up each morning when his back teeth are floating.

    If there's a crash or clatter from another room I can guarantee Squeaky was the cause of it.

    She and Jakey are bonded very tightly and are often seen cuddled up together on the bed in the evenings. Squeaky has appropriated the back of the sofa cushions, which are soft and squooshy" and can often be found soaking up the mid morning sun or snoozing in the afternoons.

    I love both of them and they love me.

    I live alone and they help fill the hole in my heart that was left when I had to put Gryphon, my German Shepherd, down.
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    I wish I could see the video. I am a total cat lover. For some reason my work has the video blocked as "R rated." I have no idea why. I'm glad you all enjoyed it at least.