For ct mom and her family - just because

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  1. Star*

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    For the life of me.....I can't clear my head of CT Mom and her son; their family. As some of you know her son was recently sentenced to prison for 15 years.

    Folks - whether you knew this Mom or not? THIS IS A MOTHER THAT IS HURTING and a MEMBER OF THIS BOARD, THIS FAMILY & COMMUNITY and thus - so was her son.

    I'm not asking for me - but if you think about what this wonderful, thoughtful, kind, loving Mother MUST be going through - won't you please take a moment and ask yourself - "If this were me? If this were my family being torn apart for fifteen years? What would I hope to gain by telling members of my family? When we reach out to our family in crisis especially in a family like this? I think the numbers in the support HAS GOT to be there to remind our sister - "WE ARE THERE FOR YOU and your family."

    Even if it's just a kind word or two from people she has never met. I've never met her, and I can NOT IMAGINE how badly she hurts, or how frightening this is for her family or her son. - I really think it would matter for her to know - she's being thought of today. This has always been a soft place to land, and if it still is? I think we should let CT mom and her family know that. From everyone.

    Much Thanks -
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    CT -

    I know there is a post about the sentencing. This isn't for that. I wanted this to be a post of SUPPORT and LOVE - just to let you and your family and son know that we are not going to forget you, that we are thinking of you, that we love you, will keep you in our thoughts, and prayers ALWAYS. If for any reason you need us? WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!

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    You've been in my thoughts every since you posted. I've been worrying about how you've been and how you're doing. Thinking about you a LOT. You, difficult child and the family are in my prayers each night.

    I hope that whenever you need us you know we will always be here for you, caring about you, always in your corner and having your back.

    Many warm and gentle (((((hugs)))))
  4. KTMom91

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    Been thinking about you as well, Chris. Many hugs and lots of love headed your way from Central CA.
  5. Estherfromjerusalem

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    I, too, have been thinking about you a lot these last few days, Chris. I have been wondering how you and your family are coping, and your difficult child too. Please don't leave the board now. I would like to know how you are managing, and how difficult child is coping.

    Sending you a hug,

    Love, Esther
  6. Steely

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    Sending you so many hugs and strength......
  7. lovemysons

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    Thinking of you CTmom,
    I remember when my son (oldest difficult child) was in Jail/Prison. I would often go to an Al Anon meeting after visiting him. There was a woman in the meetings who had "lost" her son for good...he had died as a result of his drug use. I remember thinking that THAT was a woman, a mom, who knew more hurt than I least there was still Hope with mine. And so I offer you that same sense of hope. And the knowledge that progress can be made while serving time as welll.

    I am so sorry for the emmense sadness, pain from this sentence.
    I know we all learn to live with what we are given...sigh, but it still hurts. I do hope that you are a part of "real world" support group in addition to CD Board. I think the more support you have from people who have been there/done that the better.

    Hope you'll stay in touch with us here and let us know how you, family, and son are doing.
    Gentle hugs and care,
    ps...I also would like to know what "we" can do as far as sending letters to your son or cards along the way. I corresponded with a few of my oldest difficult child's inmate buddies and one wrote me regularly and sent me beautiful artwork as well. I even have one of his drawings framed. So please let us know how we can support your son too.
  8. toughlovin

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    Ct - Hope you are reading all of these posts and that somehow our support and love can bring you some small measure of comfort. I too have been thinking of you.... it is painful to even think about. I think this has to be every moms fear...I hope you are finding ways to take care of yourself and get support. My hope is that somehow in prison your son has some major epiphany and turns his life around.
  9. Rabbit

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    Sending Hugs! I will keep u and your family in my prayers. Rabbit
  10. HaoZi

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    CT, I didn't want to reply before as I have no frame of reference for your situation, but I have been thinking about you, and want you to know that y'all are in my thoughts.
  11. PatriotsGirl

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    Lots of support, prayers and hugs from me, too!!!!!!!!!
  12. CrazyinVA

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    Sending waves of strength and support your way.
  13. everywoman

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    Sometimes words just aren't enough---but you are in my thoughts and prayers---only by the Grace of God go I...
  14. DaisyFace

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    Sending many ((((hugs))))

    Thinking of you...
  15. Mom2oddson

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    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  16. rejectedmom

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    MY husband and I are deeply saddened by the situation you and yours are facing. Our hearts hurt for you and your son. we will pray for an early release and also for an appropriate residential support program for him to be released to. Gentle hugs sent to all. -RM
  17. trinityroyal

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    Chris, you've been in my thoughts and prayers as well. Sending many gentle hugs, and strength to see your family through this terribly difficult time.
  18. shellyd67

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    (((( HUGS )))) Support and Love ...
  19. ctmom05

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    Words fail me here .. .. .. thank you
  20. Shari

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    Wishing you peace.