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I just came on for a quick second to get some much needed strenght from all of you. I'm leaving to go see my daughter in about 30 minutes!!!!!!!!! I'm so scared. I've read all of your responses to my original post, yesterday. Thank you for all of the advice and just for being there.

I can do this. I just keep telling myself that. I will be strong for her and we will get through this together. I will have my sister and mom with me. They are amazing and have been there for both me and my daughter since the very beginning. We are very lucky.

I also feel very lucky to have found this site, and all of you.
I will check in later and let you know how it went.

Hoping for the best. :smile:

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Have a good visit with your difficult child. I know that there are some harsh realities for you & difficult child to handle however she is your daughter & you love her. The two of you will survive this assault.

Both of my tweedles were abused; I repeat incessantly that none of this was their fault & that I will love them always, help them survive & move forward.

Find a reason to smile during your visit with difficult child.


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lots of support and prayers for you this morning. I will be leaving to run an errand with my easy child in a few minutes and will say a prayer every time I think of you and your daughter for the next couple hours.

Be strong, be there for your daughter, you will begin the healing today.

Draw strength from your mom and sister, so that your daughter may draw strength from you.

Come back here, and replenish your strength. It never runs out.

Many, many prayers and hugs.

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You will draw strength from each other, and you'll be amazed at each other's strength as you move forward. I'm so glad difficult child and you have the additional support of your Mom and sister.

You're in my thoughts and prayers today.