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    The only thing I want to post is that while, as a mother, I know how you feel, you are harming your son more than you will ever realize and that if he is "out on the streets" he WILL survive or not...that would be up to him.

    My husband and I put our oldest out "on the streets" just after he turned 18 for over a year. I will not make this a lengthy post, but suffice it to say it was the hardest year of my life at times and the BEST thing I ever did for him, words directly out of his mouth.

    Mind you when our son was living on the streets it was in MO in summer, fall AND winter. I think South Carolina has a much more temperate climate for homelessness. I don't mean to sound flip about that. Only that he WILL be okay, if he chose or not if he choses not to be. It is time to cut the umbilical cord. It is wrecking your life and his and all involved.

    If you want to PM me, please do.