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    I posted this on watercooler but wanted to put it here also - more Santa believers here, LOL!!

    While I will have your email for this, I will delete it after Dec 25. If any of the kids send thank you letters to Santa I will answer those once. Just to encourage the kids who do write thank you letters. Anyway"

    This year is tight for many of us. I don't know how many of our kids will think of this year. Hopefully we can create some new memories that are fun and meaningful and inexpensive. Cause the truly wonderful things in life are free.

    With that in mind I have registered for a free email account under the name santashelper. If you send me a PM with your child's name, age, and any specific message that you want to send, I will send your child an email in December.

    PLEASE no messages about specific items that Santa will bring or won't bring. I will encourage good behavior but will NOT say that Santa will punish them or bring them coal.

    If there is no message to cut an paste into an email then I will send a generic Merry Christmas Santa is thinking of you message.

    I am looking forward to this and will start sending messages the first week in december. IF a child wants to send a list that is OK. I won't promise anything on that list. IF I don't get too bogged down I may send those lists to a parents' PM. That will ONLY happen if I don't get swamped, so please don't count on it.

    Messages will come from"santashelper"