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  1. mstang67chic

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    What are some of the good hotels to stay? I'm looking at price but also would like to be on the strip and just be nice. husband and I are planning to go this October and I have no idea where to stay. I can find rooms for $35 a night but I"m guessing they are way off the strip and they just don't look all that well maintained. (I think I have seen a couple of them on CSI LOL)

    Price wise, I would like to stay under $100 a night if possible. My max, and this is REALLY at the high end, is about $150 a night.

  2. Kathy813

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    We got a deal a year ago at the Treasure Island Hotel for $75 a night. We went in March. You can check the amenities on Hotwire at sites that help identify which hotel it is based on the amenities listed. I can always figure out which hotel it is before I buy the room.

    I'm not sure if I can post the link but if you are interested pm me.

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    I have an auntie and cousin who live in Las Vegas. I will give them a quick buzz and ask if they have any recommendations.

    (How sad is it that I have family in Vegas, but have never been there?)
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    I found the package deals with air/hotel to be the best deals price-wise, vs. booking separately. I use Travelocity, but Expedia and Orbitz are good sites to use too. I check the ratings/reviews on TripAdvisor before I book any hotel, they're pretty reliable.
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    I used to travel to Vegas a lot for business. Mostly stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton since its right next to the convention center, now its called the LVH which is off the strip on Paradise. Older hotel, not bad, bad, but not great either don't know if they completely renovated it with the name change. I've stayed at Harrah's, decent rooms, but loud casino. The Orleans and the Rio are off strip, but nice rooms. Last I knew the Orleans had reasonable rates, but it gets expensive to take cabs back and forth to the strip. Check the Paris. Bally's is on the strip, don't know about the rooms, casino can be a bit loud though.

    Looking for great dining? The Golden Steer, a local gem, incredible food, pricey but worth it, Sinatra and pals dined there. Romantic. Nothing to look at from the outside, but great decor & impeccable service and the best table side made ceasar salad and the filet mignon is heaven. Timmerman's is another local's restaurant. Good food, great decor. The revolving restaurant at the Stratosphere is elegant and neat to experience as is the 360 at the top of the Paris. Also the buffet at the Paris is awesome. Go early because there is always a wait.

    If you go to the shows and have never seen any I highly recommed Cirque's "O" at the Bellagio, you won't regret it, it is an experience. That's my favorite. Absolutely breath taking. Mystere is also very good and well worth it. husband and I had front row seats for that. Wow. I saw Believe and that was good, but not the best.

    The monorail is a great way to get up and down the strip. You can order a ticket a head of time and have it mailed to you so you're ready to go.
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    why not see if you can get ahold of abbey and see what she recommends?

    also, look at events and see where they are happening. often you can book event tickets with hotel and airfare and car and save a bundle. or book various components together. check the lv visitor's bureau and the various casino and hotel websites to see what is going on. Also check for a convention center, etc.... if you just rely on a visitor's bureau listing or list of things the hotel is telling you about, you miss a ton, esp last minute things that may only be on the facility website. be SURE to check the amenities - see if the hotel has a van that does drop off and pick up on the Strip or at major landmarks. A friend of mine used to stay off strip and use the hotel van to get to the strip so he could drink and gamble with-o driving and so he didn't have to pya for a rental car.

    According to budget travel at, CircusCircus is at a less desirable spot at the far north end of the strip but rooms are often cheaper than at other major hotels. Excalibur is across from NYNY, and has 4000 rooms at prices below its' neighbors - but these are lower than other strip hotels. i don't knwo the prices or anything about the locations except that they are on the strip.

    here is's article on cheap hotels in LV:

    this site was recommended by and seems reputable:

    i hope these help.
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    Stang I just want you to know that I "tried" to write a silly response about "what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas". Darn it. I'm still too grumpy and into withdrawal and stress. BUT :) wanted you to know that I tried to be funny and add a smile to your face. Hugs DDD

    PS: I am truly delighted that you have a trip to look forward to in the near future.
  8. Nancy

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    I'm glad you're going. easy child and I are going in July because she is attending a teacher's conference. We are staying at the Venetian for 139 a night but it's a reduced conference rate. I've been to Vegas several times and husband has been there on business often. you should be able to get a good rate when you are going. Many of the hotels have package rates. During the week the prices are cheaper. If at all possible stay at the newer end of the strip. You will be able to walk to everything and it's fun to go into all the hotels and casinos and look around.

  9. Kathy813

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    I really liked the north end of the strip, too. It is newer and less crowded and I think the hotels are nicer. We walked up and down the strip and went into the other hotels. I was not impressed with Circus Circus. My favorites were the Venetian and Palazzo on the north end and the Bellagio which is in the middle. I saw lots of deals on the Venetian and Palazzon on hotwire when I was looking last year.

    My friend ended up making our reservation and she got the $75 a night price for Treasure Island (also on the north end) by calling and asking for any special deals that they had going on at the time.
  10. Nancy

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    Treasure island is a great family hotel and you can get good deals. It is in a great location, right by Mirage and Caesars and right down the street from the Belagio which you have to go to at night to see the dancing water show every hour. It's also right next to Fashion Mall which is a big mall I always find myself wandering through when I'm there.

  11. mstang67chic

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    Ok, so the North end it is. I haven't had a chance to really dig into it yet but I've seen some shows I want to check out. O is one of them. The Cirque de Solei was in town earlier this year but tickets were outrageous so I didn't go. Hopefully I can see them there. Plus Blue Man Group, Love......lots and lots of shows. LOL

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Nancy

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    I saw Blue Man Group two years ago when I was there. I was a bit disappointed. It was OK but I thought it would be better. We got tickets for $65 each at the hotel that day.

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    Well if David Cassidy is there please see him for me! LOL
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    DAVID CASSIDY IS ..............MINE.....

    (grumbles) I keep telling HER ^ that but does she EVER EVER listen to me? NOoooooooooooooooo just walks around singing "I think I love you." and when he sang it? He was singing to ME! I think Bobby SHERMAN loved you. MEAH.
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    I forgot to mention the place to get half-price tickets for shows and discounts to restaurants. We were able to get half price tickets to the Lion King using tix4tonight. You have to buy them the morning of the show, though.

    Our favorite show was Jersey Boys. We went with another couple and that was the favorite for all of us. Phantom of the Opera was good, too, but the guys weren't all that crazy about it.