For those of you who have kids who steal food.....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Tiapet, Mar 23, 2013.

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    After repeated problems with the food stealing in the house (both mr busy and ms queen - though if you've been following my threads on her you know she's now better), we've about exhausted what we've been able to do. Mr. Busy has become kind of breaking into things to get at the food even in lock down. He's dismantled the back of closets to get at them (freestanding), he's cut chains with bolt cutters after breaking into the garage (prying the door lock to get into there where there also had been food stored originally at one time and now not but other things like tools), we have a chain wrapped around our french door refrigerator and he's cut thatbut once he could no longer get to the bolt cutters he resorted to taking the handles off the refrigertor. We put liquid steel on those screws, he BROKE the handles, 3 times now! I probably could tell you more and more ways he's done things to get at stuff but I'll stop as the purpose of this post is us now having to find a way to keep him OUT of the refrigertor/freezer for good. I rent so it's not my refrigertor. Oh and he just put a nice big dent in it this morning in rage. I figure I'm going to owe the landlord a refrigerator at this rate in the end, though we're not leaving for a long time to come but drastic times calls for drastic measures and I'm not above drilling into the refrigerator to keep it safe now.

    So in searching I came across these 2 articles. The first one was at an Autism site which then gave a link within the article to the actual information at a prader willi site on how to do it.

    Now this doesn't exactly help me since we don't have that style refrigerator but any of you may but it may help us springboard with another idea. I have googled locks and gotten some other ideas in the long run. Google is my friend these days, well all the time! LOL

    I hope this helps any of you. :)
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    Thanks! I ended up buying a marine lock with- a combination lock.

    But my difficult child isn't that h*ll bent on getting a particular food. If it's the middle of the night, he'll eat anything ... even healthy stuff that isn't locked up!

    So sorry you're going through this.
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    My son would steal food. For the fridge my husband bought a T-plate, took out the star screws (where you can change the side the door is mounted on), put the T-Plate on, the screws back in and ran a wire cable (like for a bike lock) through bottom of the "T" that stuck out to make a loop and ran a chain and lock through the cable and around the door handle. It was the only way we could keep him from binge eating.