for those of you who helped me with the clothing issues

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  1. DammitJanet

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    Thank you!

    I havent solved the problem completely of course, but I am getting there. I ordered a bunch of things from 3 of the places you told me about and I over estimated my size by a ton on two of the websites. One of them I only ordered one pair of yoga pants and one shirt on so I think they may have been a bit tighter So now I have to send back most of what I got and reorder the majority of it. I think I have to figure out if they still have most of it too since lots was on clearance since now they have out next falls line already! Ugh. I may just get pants and go buy shirts at walmart anyway. Pants is my main issue anyway. But I found jeans! Omg...the jeans they sent me I could have fit three legs in....lmao. Obviously I am gonna be able to find a pair that fit. Now its just a matter of sending back and forth till they fit. I hope the shipping back and forth isnt too expensive though.
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    all those online clothing stores have size charts. They are accurate. If you are buying pants, the size chart will give you hip, waist, and thigh measurements then give you the size. Every site has different charts. Woman Within sizes are larger than others I have found - but it specifically lets you know on the sizing chart. It also compares their XL, 1X, 2X....with 20, 22/24, 26/28, etc.

    Those shipping charges will get you! Sticking with one vendor helps eliminate the guess work too.

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    Well it didnt help tony got out his tape measure before he left for work and told me I was bigger around than I was.
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    What a mean thing to say. I'm not liking Tony very much these days. Argh. Glad you were able to find some suitable clothes! Now measure yourself, lol.
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    Janet, I'm so glad you have been able to find clothes that fit. I agree with the advice about sticking with one or two vendors. Ladies clothing sizes are a koi-shoot across brands, but within a single line they do tend to be consistent.

    I would think that Tony would have learned by now not to tell a woman that she's bigger than she is.:rollingpin: No matter the context, that's ALWAYS a mistake.
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    It doesn't work well to measure a body with a construction tape measure. We are not square, we are round. Use a sewing tape measure or other soft cloth-based tape... far more accurate in this context.

    If you don't have that, measure yourself with string, mark the string, and measure between the marks.
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    That was exceptionally mean - and on Valentine's Day too. Sorry Janet.

  8. DammitJanet

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    Well no, he measured me the day I ordered the clothes which was back around the 5th or 6th. I bought some yoga pants and shirts from Avenue and they came in size 30/32. I think that is the size I am going to order from now on in pants. Well for jeans I think I will order one size up because jeans probably need to be a bit more giving. The pants I got were a size 44/46 and really, I could have added a 4 year old into them with me! Plus the legs were really wide even though they didnt say wide leg. I am going to order slim leg or something in that category from now on because I really dont have fat legs. Its all in my tummy basically. If I can cover my tummy, all else if fine. I would just go with jeggings but I would love to have a pair of regular jeans. There is just something about having something that everyone else can have that makes you feel better. I do think I may just return most of the other shirts and get the money back and buy my shirts and Walmart because most of the shirts are out of stock in the next size down in the same colors and they are more expensive now. I will just get another pair of yoga pants though. Definitely. I like them. Tony says they make me look good.