For those of you who remember me. update

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by saving grace, Nov 2, 2008.

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    I thought I lost my first post but I guess I didnt, it is in the SA forum, then I tried to delete it and I couldnt figure it out.
    So I had already re typed my post in this forum so now there two.

    D has been amzing, sober one year 11/17/08 he relapsed for 2 weeks a year ago but called his program and got back on track quickly. Before that he had 6 months sober, used once and got back on track. So in almost 2 years he has dont great. He is still taking suboxone but has weaned from 16mg to 4mg. He is scared to stop, he is comfortable now and that is fine with me. He has been holding 2 sometimes 3 jobs for the past 2 years, the same girlfriend as well. He still lives home but I like it. We have game nights and family dinners. He hardly ever goes out, they hang out and watch movies a lot. He picks his sister up from school 3 days a week and watches her for me. He helps her with her homework and gives her a snack. He saves money and has a car and pays his bills. He golfs with is Dad and helps him in the yard. They work out at the gym occasionally. I cant ask for anything more right now.

    I never thought I would be here. The clouds have lifted and my family is blessed.

    To those of you who remember us, Thank you! I couldnt have done it without you. And for those of you who are new to this journey, hang in there. and take care of yourself first. I know it seems impossible but it does get better. You just have to define what "it" is. but "it" does, I promise. "it" may not be your child but your cloud will lift and you will get your life back.

    How is everyone here?

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  2. It's so nice to hear there might be a light at the end on this long journey. Thanks for posting an positive message. I hope to be there some day.
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    What a great update! :thumbsup:
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    What wonderful news! It's great to hear how well your family is doing. Thanks for letting us know!
  5. Suz

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    Grace, it's wonderful to hear from you...and to have it be good news is icing on the cake. :D

  6. Hound dog

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    Grace so wonderful to hear from you!! :D What a great update. I'm so happy for you and for difficult child. I hope things continue to go so well.

    Don't be such a stranger.

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    I responded on your other post in the SA forum.

    but i will tell you once again, that I am so proud of your son.

    I know what it is like to see the wonderful kids our difficult child's are underneath all the drugs, shine through.

    you have all been through so much. enjoy the normality of your life.

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    Hooray for him!!! If it were my child, I'd tell him just to stay on the medication and think of it like blood pressure medications.
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    Glad to see you again Grace! Keep that light shining at the end of the tunnel!!

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    Thanks you, Grace. That was wonderful. :)

  11. Star*

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    SO THAT is what you've been doing = HUH! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

    Good to hear from you again. Wondered what happened to you.....

    And now I know the rest of the story.
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    I didnt even realize the amount of time I had been away!! There were those days when I would log on multiple times a day, times when all I could think about was getting on to talk to my friends because I couldnt bear another minute in my world with him.
    I can not believe my days now. I wake up and go to work and I dont give him a second thought, I dont wonder and stress all morning that he will wake up and get himself to work, or wonder where he is. I go through my day and know exactly where he is and what he is doing and with whom, its not because I am spying or snooping or insisting he report to me, its because we are friends, he tells me what he's doing and he goes to work every single day without fail he is there. I go to sleep every night knowing he is home, sober and safe. I can not begin to tell you how peaceful and content I feel.
    We went on Summer vacation to the lake for the 4th of July, I invited him and his girlfriend. He was very excited to come, I was worried that he would be bored, I mean c'mon I was bored 75% of the time. But he planned it, he got time off from work, he went shopping and bought beach toys for his sister, they came up and had fun, we went on the boat, we sat on the beach we played games at night and went out to dinner etc.. it was amazing. he didnt complain of boredom once.

    Thank you friends Thank you so much, I am so sorry that I drifted away but I was getting to know my son again and before I knew it a year had passed.

    I love you
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    It is so wonderful to hear from you, and to hear such an amazing update. I am glad you have this opportunity to be friends with your son - it must mean the world to you. Your story gives the rest of us hope that the light will actually be there at the end of the long, long, long terrible dark tunnel.

    Enjoy your children, your peace, and your happiness! Don't forget to come check on us once in a while. Remember - we love you!