Forced difficult child to go to baseball yesterday

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    Sheesh, he's hard work!

    He LOVES baseball. He had been in Little League for yrs.
    Got promoted to the Majors and is now with-the HS kids.
    That's the problem. He's afraid.

    He tried out for the school team and didn't make it! Actually, he played well, but he had to show up for 3 days of tryouts, which he didn't tell me, and he only went to one.
    I told him I'd intervene and talk to the coach but he insisted NO. It would have made life so much easier ...
    Anyway, knowing my son, I simultaneously signed him up for LL as a backup plan.

    All week he said nonononono no, NO, "Good luck getting me out of the house," and "NO."

    So I took away all his electronic equip and told him he could have it back after the tryouts Sat. (Technically, he's on the team, but did not yet have a team name and position, so that was what happened on Sat.)

    Guess who decided to follow me out to the car? No socks, no uniform, no hat.

    But at least he went.
    It was sunny, 65 degrees, daffodils and tulip poplars blooming, 3 other kids whose names I recognized (and surely more that he knew). He missed the flyballs, and messed up several other things, much to our amazement. He is really out of practice. I told him this would be good practice for football and he didn't see the connection. (Uh, let's see: running, sit-ups, keeping your eye on the ball ... okay, I know he's literal but we explained it to him.)

    And yes, I gave him everything back after he got home.

    I hope it's easier when we go to get the uniforms. My husband is sponsoring a team and it would really be crummy if his name was all over the shirts and there was no one in the family around .... :ashamed:
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    It's amazing how much our kids will cut off their noses to spite their faces! Glad he went in the end and fingers are crossed that he'll do better with each practice.
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    Sound so familiar. difficult child loves to play football, but sometimes getting him there is such a nightmare.