Forcing School District to pay for Private School

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Stella Johnson, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Stella Johnson

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    Has anyone successfully forced the school district to pay for for private school? What did you have to prove? How long did it take? Any pointers on getting this done?
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    LOVE the dancing penguin! I dont have experience with this. Just wondering though....where are you in the process?? Is she already in the private school? Or is it that you want her to move because they are not meeting her needs? Have you talked to any local advocates who have gone through this with any parents? Or disability advocates?
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    You have to prove that the placement(s) offered by the school district do not meet her needs. Why do you want her in a private school? Why is the school district reluctant to send her there?
  4. Stella Johnson

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    Buddy and JJJ,
    She is still in public school, 9th grade right now. I've hired an attorney already. It's such a long story. They have violated her civil rights (search and seizure by taking and searching her purse with-o any valid reason), sped teacher abused her by forcing her to scrub the Art room when she was supposed to be in a turtorial. This was retaliation because I caught her in a lie the day before. They aren't following her IEP. They terminated the program she had been in for years with- their cuts.... of course no one cut the gifted and talented money. They have thrown her in a "resource" room which is not working with an unqualified teacher who abuses students. There is much more to the story.

    I've already complained to TEA, CPS, ACLU, Fed Dept of Ed, Dept of Civil Liberties, and the school board.

    I know years ago there was a member of the board who had forced them to pay for private school but I can't remember who it was. Anyone else know?

    When I'm done firing off the rest of the stuff I have to get ready for the atty I'll try to clean the letter up and take names out and post it.

    Thanks guys,


    P.S. I love the penguin too.:flirtysmile3:
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    I have found in talking to lots of parents that this so depends on your district. Great that you could hire a lawyer. As someone else said, you will need to prove that the district is failing her, i.e., cannot provide her with a Fair and Appropriate Public Ed. There are many ways Im sure to do this, but I would of course remind you to document everything. I keep a little notebook and jot a note or paste emails every time something happens. The burden is on the parent to prove it. Best of luck.