Forever home needed for great dog!

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    My uncle is moving to Indiana from Ohio with my Grandma. He can't take his dog with him and is desperate to find him a good home so he doesn't have to resort to the pound.

    Tucker is a sweet, loving dog who is good with kids. If a child (or children) gets too rambunctious with him, he runs and hides. He's a medium sized dog....Golden Retreiver/Cocker Spaniel mix and only has one eye. The eye issue is why my uncle got him in the first place as he was afraid no one would adopt the dog because of it. He doesn't know Tucker's history as far as what happened to the other eye but it doesn't appear as though it's anything long term (illness, etc.). Tucker is otherwise healthy, he just has to pay a bit more attention to where he's going. If he gets distracted, he tends to run into things and it can be easy to sneak up on him if you do it on his left. He is also FIXED.

    If I had the room I would take him in a heart beat but I can't. He really is a very sweet, loving dog and would be a great fur kid addtion to any family. He's probably around 6 years old or so and has some good years left in him. We just want to make sure he goes to a GOOD home.

    If you're interested or know of someone who is, please let me know. Do it quick though as the move will be soon and my cousins and I have also put the word out verbally and on Facebook.
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    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Tell him not to take him to a pound. Take him to a rescue!!!! Somebody will adopt him, but the pound may kill him! Have you tried Craig's List? Or maybe you can take him short term and advertise for a home? Poor baby! If we didn't rent, I'd take him!
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    Check out this link -

    Some of these are Humane Societies and regular animal shelters but there are also some that sound like real rescue groups that keep the dogs in volunteer foster homes until they're adopted. Good luck! He looks like a sweet little guy and I'd really hate to see him go to a pound.
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    You might also contact any vets you know.

    I put our cockatiel up on craigslist and only got a couple of hoarders who wanted her. We kept her for another year because one of Wiz's friends wanted her. I just listed her on Freecycle and already have 9 families who want her. It amazes me because she bites. HARD. She has become so mean since Freckles died that I am afraid of her.

    So Freecycle might be a way, just screen the families well.
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    He's gorgeous. Please, please, please don't let her go to a humane society. If I was closer, I'd get her and keep her until I could find her, but I'm too far away :(
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    I'll ask around. He is BEAUTIFUL!