Forgot to give difficult child her P.M. medications

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Feb 15, 2013.

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    She was 3 hours late on them. And WOW you could totally tell. It was the first time EVER that she was refusing to take them. She was screaming and raging at me. And, that hasn't happened for almost 8 months I think. She actually scared me. Can anyone say the ABilify had worn off!!!! And, she was crazy talking saying that she didn't need them, that the only reason I remembered she needed them was because she was angry. UH, Yeah. You are beyond angry. I really had no idea that Abilify was so short acting. And, if it isn't, then her therapist session must have touched on some uncomfortable subjects. Either way, I am not forgetting to give night time medications again.
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    been there done that and at least it's always confirmation that the medications work!
  3. Wow. I guess the positive is that at least you can confirm that she definitely needs to be on the Abilify. I don't think any of us like medicating our children but it is necessary for quite a few of them (mine included).

    Glad nothing really awful happened.
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    Witz, oh yeah. She kept saying that she wanted off of some of them, and I said we could talk about it, but not the Abilify. That has been a wonder drug for us. We have gentle waves in behavior now instead of the violent crashing ones before. It makes her really hungry, but it is worth it.