forgot V's therapy, again. sigh.


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I am so upset at my self and the worl right now. I missed V's speech session for the second time now (not in a row thanksfully!).
I'm having to drop him off at school, go home to works for a bit, them pick him up at school, drop him a daycare (they let us use the facility for his session) and then go back home to keep working. Mondays are crazy, all the invoicing and booking loads for the week.
The school won't let private Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) in the building, so "i'm having to do this crazy dance 2x/week. Wednesdays are ok because I keep Sweet Pea home for her own therapy and do as little work as I can.
I texted that I was so sorry and asked if maybe we can just do one extended session on Wednesday. Mondays are just impossible to manage.
But then, I really wonder why I bother. I don't believe V is making any progress. Just saturday, at the doctor's office he was watching Dora and was sure that "star" and "dog" rhym...
He can't remember any sight word, still don't know his alphabet consistantly. Can't count beyond 12, still does not know the week days.
Teacher claims he could count to 20 before and that he's done it several times at school but now just does not seem to understand anymore. WTH? Is this regression??? He started writing from right to left without understanding why it's wrong. Still very hard for him to understand the difference between today, yesterday and tomorrow.
Things are just a mighty mess and I feel beat.
Geneticist is testing for general chromosomic anomalies and fragile X syndrome. We'll know in a bout 2 or 3 weeks.
And, now. I just got a text from Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who agreed to switched V to once a week only. But she still can't get approval for Sweet Pea and said that she will not keep coming all the way to our place for only one client (V)... so I'm looking at maybe no speech for both of my kids! (Sweet Pea has not had speech in 2 weeks because her case in on hold, no clue why. she is on medicaid by the way). Just a very frustrating time.


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Oh wow, Ican hear your worry and frustration. Could be regression or could be when he is struggling with developing a skill, the others go b backwards. that happened to us a lot. I worried every time too!

If he was improving in language, motor would be a mess, etc..... behavior would then fall apart too. A couple of months usually things started back to his normal.

Wonder why Sweet Peaisnot getting approved with her level of delay! you must be so frustrated. you have a very full plate. I'm really sorry it's so much right now....

hugs....(lots of them them)


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It happens. Today I missed my own PT appointment. Just call, apologize and make another appointment. It should be ok. We have busy lives and so many appts to remember!

Is he getting ABA therapy? If not, maybe you should give that a try. Hugs!!!!


I've done this many times as well. Here early intervention comes to your home. But it wouldn't be a private Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Would they do that for sweet pea?