Found alternative free "placement" for difficult child's 16 and over

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Farmwife, Aug 6, 2010.

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    As I was meditating on needing some sort of back up plan because I realize being lulled into a false sense of peace is for suckers, I stumbled into something semi helpful.

    Job Corps!!!

    Paid for by the dept. of labor. Offers GED classes, specialized vocational training (welding, cooking, ect ect), housing (oh yeah baby housing away from home) food, medical care, supervision, life skills, a small allowance and transition into adult world services.

    All for free!!!

    Locations all over the country!!!

    Job Corps isn't a state university or glamorous but it is a solution for kids 16 and over. They are used to dealing with kids who just don't make it in the main stream educational setting. Best of all they make accomodations for the disabled if your income is over their limit, a diagnosis can help get your kid in even if you may not qualify otherwise. Also, they do offer disability assistance especially if your child got it at their school. (translate that to an IEP)

    Anywhoo, not a high end Residential Treatment Center (RTC) but definitely a plan B or maybe even a plan A for you folks feeling like pulling your hair out.

    Thanks, I feel much better now after spreading some "joy". :whiteflag:

    Sorry if this is old news and I got your hopes up for nothing.
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    Cool! I've heard of it but never considered it for my son. Very interesting and useful info.
    Best of luck with-your own issues.
    You definitely don't stay down for long!

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    It's definitely an option, but, from what I have heard they are very strict and will kick kids out in a heartbeat if they don't comply with the rules. If your difficult child is ready and willing, this might work for him. I think there are others here that have had personal experiences, hopefully they will be along soon.