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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by princess, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hi everyone not sure what to do - i was putting laundry away in my son's room and i found a couple of empty cigarette packs on the floor i opened them to make sure they were empty-should not have done that-i found these little packets which were empty it had some white powder in them already gone i also found a very tiny tiny plastic bag looked like it may have contained some type of pill-is the white power cocaine or heroin-how would i know if was using this stuff-i would think he was snorting this-his regular drug using friends have left town-he is now hanging around with another bunch of them-one who was just arrested for possessing pot and lsd and cocaine-i asked him about it and he denied using anything but pot-i did mention to husband what i found and he said we cannot make him admit anything when he gets in trouble again he is out of our house-i was really upset when i found out about pot i am not sure how i will handle harder stuff-the husband has a business trip this week and i am going with him-i was looking forward to going with him but now this find has put a damper on the trip-what signs do i look for that he is using more than pot?????
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    Good morning princess. I wish I could help you but my difficult child abuses prescription pills and alcohol. I really don't know what the white powder could be. Others will come along that know more about this. I certainly understand your worry and concern.


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    Hugs. Obviously the white powder is a drug. I don't think it matters which drug. Yeah that sounds weird but as heartbreaking as it is you can't stop him from using powder anymore than you can stop the pot. So, in my humble opinion, you need to come up with the steps you and your husband are prepared to take regardless of which drug he is using. Most of us have told our difficult child's NO drugs in our home. Drugs in our home mean you are OUT. (I added, by the way, that any drugs in our home put the whole family in jeopardy and law enforcement "could" seize our home if they chose to and we would be homeless.) Many of us found treatment programs and gave the choice of the program or moving out.

    Whatever you decide try to be on the same page with your husband as that is very important. Pray for strength to follow through with whatever you say. I wish I could tell you that everything will turn out fine. Sometimes it does. Alot of the time it takes years...often to the mid twenties...before the dust settles. I'm sorry you've joined the ranks of loving parents with teens who have gone astray. Hugs DDD
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    Princess I am so sorry.... I think you could take the packet to the police and ask them what they think it is or where to send it for testing... however like DDD says does it really matter what it is? I mean it is scarier if it is heroin than if it is something else.... but in any case it is not pot as that does not come in white powder.

    And as we have said before on this board, how do you know a drug addict is lying? Their lips are moving!!

    Your son is not going to tell you the truth about what he is using.... he knows pot doesn't sound so mad so he will admit to that since you already know he is smoking pot. If you found thos empty bags in his room they were used by someone and who else would it be. If he didnt use them then he is dealing.... but I don't know why he would still have the bags if he was selling them.

    Hugs to you.

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    Hi Princess,
    This is a tough road and I can totally understand that you don't want to go down that road, because it only gets tougher. I guess the only advice I have is that he is certainly using other drugs in addition to pot. Don't know if he's working and/or attending school, but either way, he's left his paraphernalia out and about on the floor of his room in your home.
    Remind yourself that drugs can steal everything in a person: their very personality, motivation, health, competency, relationships, etc. It's your choice whether you'll allow that activity from a person living in your house. I don't mean you should throw him out immediately, but you do have alternatives. You can drug test him if you want to, if you want to see what he was taking, but it may be out of his system already. You can offer help, but if he doesn't accept, then he has to decide how he chooses to live his life as a drug user going forward. I'm sorry. We're here for you, I know it's an understatement to say it's unpleasant. Be strong!
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    So sorry you have made this stunning discovery. Watch for dilated pupils, change in appetite and sleep habits, and manic or sluggish behavior. You can try a drug test but like someone else already mentioned, the drugs may be out of his system already AND some of these new synthetic drugs are not detectable on tests yet so don't allow yourself to fall into false relief if he does pass one; there is certainly something going on....
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    Drugs cause weight loss too. My counselor once told me staying home and watching them is not going to keep them from using drugs. If they want to they will find a way. Plus he is 19 yo. Go on your trip as planned and maybe you can have a friend or relative check on the house while you are gone??

    My difficult child started drug use at a very early age, it is difficult!
    (((huggs and blessings for us all)))
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    He is most probably snorting whatever it is in those baggies. Scary stuff. I know how scared you must be just thinkig about what it could be. My husband travels a lot too so that left me to deal with difficult child and her drug/drinking issues most of the time. If it were me I would tell him you know he is doing more than pot and that you live in a drug free home and he will not be doing drugs or bringing any kind of drug paraphenalia in your home. At some point he may need to find another place to live.

    Keep the little baggies locked up somewhere. You may need the evidence at some point.

    I'm very sorry.

  9. DDD

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    I just read this whole thread. Cuss! I honestly still can't believe how many loving, sane parents are going thru this X. I guess there is comfort in knowing you are not alone and "other" loving, caring parents are experiencing this stuff but I still bind it gobsmacking. Hugs. DDD
  10. SomewhereOutThere

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    Definitely he is snorting something and I agree...does it matter what? It's not pot and anything else is dangerous (excessive pot can be dangerous too). I think cocaine is white powder, but not sure about anything else.

    I'd go with hub. You can't stop your difficult child from using drugs no matter what you say or even if you sit home and miss this chance to enjoy your hub's company. There is only one person who can stop your difficult child from using drugs and that is your difficult child.

    I would consider making him leave if he does anything illegal or brings anything illegal into your house. When my daughter used (and I'm sure all drugs affect people differently) she was up all night, slept all day, snuck out of the house at night through a bedroom window and ran around town (until we put bars on her window), had a horrible temper, was full of moodswings, was skinny as all hello, and hung around with a scary looking bunch of losers who got arrested a lot. Now that she's clean she has fessed up to meth, cocaine, ADHD medications (crushed in a pillcrusher and snorted alone or with other drugs), and even a taste of heroine (shudder). Of course, like your son, she told us she only smoked pot and that was only after she was busted with it and put on probation.

    Hugs and good luck. Do not allow your difficult child to take your life from you.