Four residents kicked out of difficult child's treatment center

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Last Sunday evening one of the girls in difficult child's extended care came back from a home visit and brought a can of air dust with her. Instead of checking into the hospital to have her things searched she dropped it off at the house so it wasn't found. She and three other girls huffed it and was eventually found when their room was searched after their behavior became suspect. They were immediately sent home. The same night one of the male patients used xanax and threatened a counselor. The police were called and he too was kicked out.

    I suspected something was up from facebook messages that I saw from them to each other and when difficult child called several daysd later she told us the story. I was relieved to hear that she was not involved in any way nor was a girl in her group who is recovering from heroin and has admitted to still having serious urges. In fact she is the one that went to a counselor to alert them of the use. i am so proud of both of these girls for staying strong and doing the right thing. These girls have been trouble from the start and we are all relieved that they are gone. The one who brought the substance was court ordered into treatment so she will probably have to go to jail now.

    When difficult child's counselor called me yesterday to set up her afternoon pass I asked if difficult child was involved at all and she said she was completely clear and was not even in the vacinity. She was very proud of her and told her so. difficult child has a four hour pass tomorrow so we are going to Applebees and maybe a walk in the park.

    difficult child has two more weeks and is beginning to work on her home plan. Her counselor is helping her find a sponsor in our area. I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried but I am learning to take one day at a time. I atteded my first al-anon meeting and am meditating using recovery affirmations.

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    There are several great signs in this, Nancy. Of course the main one being that your difficult child wasn't involved. The others- this place is keeping a close eye on what is going on, taking care of issues appropriately, and outwardly supporting the ones who are really trying. They probably are well in-tune to each person's individual issues and status in recovery. Your daughter is in there with at least one other female who is really trying, no matter what drug she had been on it's more assuring that she is making an honest effort now along with your daughter. That can go a long way in your daughter not feeling alone thru this.

    You daughter is showing that she can and wants to make it and I look forward to reading updates from you about her progress. I'm glad you have started in al-anon and think it can give you an appropriate outlet and support while cautiosly being optimistic with your daughter. You have done a great job in getting her good help and being supportive of her!

    Kuddos to both of you!! If she fell off the wagon the day after coming home (I doubt she will), I still think it would be worth helping her get back on it because I honestly believe she is trying and doing everything in her power to follow their guidance, which is exactly what it takes. I'm sure she will have her emotional roller coaster to ride when returning home, and that might create some chaotic emotions in you, understandbly so, but I think you both can get thru this. You are both being a motivation to me, as well, to keep pursuing what I need to do for my own son and self. Thank you!
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    klmno its even more remarkeable in that these three are roommates of the girl who went to the counselor. They offered it to her too and she turned it down. It took a huge amount of willpower for her to do that and even more to go to a counselor because of the snitch mentality that so many are afraid of. She is in difficult child's family group and has had honest struggles while in treatment but has not once given in. I am sure that this Sunday's family program will be very tearful as we discuss how proud we are of her.

    Also the counselors called difficult child in when they realized something was up and asked if she knew anything about what was going on because she knows these girls well and difficult child suggested they drug test them because of what she observed in their behavior. difficult child could very easily have gotten involved since she was in close contact with them in extended care. So I was soooo relieved when I found out she was not involved.

    I continue to be very impressed with this treatment center. They don't let much get past them and they are very protective of those who want recovery.

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    I just cant tell you how thrilled I am Nancy. She may just get to the place I always thought she could get. You know how hard I have been pulling for
  5. Nancy

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    I know you have Janet and that really helps me.
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    Nancy, I have to admit, my heart dropped a bit when I saw the title of this post. What a huge relief reading that difficult child had no part in it! Yay! Definite progress. I'm so proud of her for sticking with this. I understand your feeling a bit anxious about her coming home. been there done that, trust me. Having a good program in place, as well as a sponsor, can make a world of difference. Of course, she still has to work the program, but having the supports in place gives her the chance. Hugs to you and your family. I know how emotional all this is on everyone. I'm sure pulling for her, and for your family, as well.
  7. Nancy

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    Thanks Deb.

    We got to meet the administrator today when we brought difficult child back from her day pass. He told us she is a delight to have around and she comes in his office every night just to talk. He stays there until 11p.m. every day. Talk about dedication. It was nice to hear they think she is doing so well.

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    Nancy, I'm so happy that she's doing well!
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    This is wonderful! difficult child is working very hard to make good choices and being totally clear of this shows it, as does telling the counselors to drug test the girls because their behavior. She could easily have denied seeing anything wrong or noticed the behavior and asked to share the substance. This program is helping her to make awesome choices and she seems to be internalizing sobriety. It is really great to hear positive things that difficult child is doing. I a thinking of her and praying for her often.
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    Just saw this ... wanted to lend support.