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    When my husband was in college he and his brother started a cable access show in their small mid-western town. This was well before the days of Wayne's World (SNL) and Jack*** from MTV. But oh so similar in so many ways. We say these networks stole it from them. They did many crazy creative college-kid kinda dry sense of humor skits. Anyway, they used to do this one skit where the two of them would stand in front of their local public library. One had the mic the other had the camera. The one with the mic would approach people entering the library and offer them "free adivce". He would just approach innocent citizens telling them he was offering "Free Advice" and if there was anything they wanted FREE advice on. Most would laugh and keep walking some would actually stop and ask a question. It was really a brilliant idea and very funny. Of course, nowadays you might get shot if you try something like that. I hadn't thought of that funny skit in years. Actaully not since I found this site a few weeks ago.
    Thanks for all of the free advice it has been great therapy!
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    That's what we're here for, to support each other and help each other as best we can. :D

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    They were ahead of their time but we are glad you found us. We are a loose knit safety net for parents.