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    Leaving tomorrow to spend the night with my son. He will have 99 days clean on Friday. That same day, he will graduate from the treatment facility and move from the temporary apartment I rented into the sober house.

    He's come a long way but has further to go.

    Frankly, so have I. I've learned a ton throughout this phase and have no intention of stopping. Learning how to take care of me, to handle his situations better and see things clearly makes all the difference in the world to the stress I feel.

    It's things like this. I'm betting he hasn't cleaned up the apartment. If so, I'm leaving to go shopping tomorrow night while he does it. Not my problem <---- my new motto.

    Hello serenity I have missed you. Sit down and stay a while. Heck...move in with me. :)

    Although I hate hate hate that any and all of you have circumstances that brought you here - I am so very grateful for the support and friendship.

    I have a funny video to share. It's only two minutes long. As parents, I hope it will give you a laugh.

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    Yup pretty funny (the video). Good for you and good luck on the move!