Friend of easy child daughter killed in car accident


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My easy child daughter got a call at 6am this morning from her bestfriend letting her know that a friend of theirs was killed in a car accident early this morning. This kid was only 17 years old, they are pretty sure he was drinking, hit a telephone pole and was killed.
This boy was also the best friend of my bestfriend's son. This is going to be a tough one for all these kids. Hopefully they will all learn from this that underage drinking and driving, or for that matter drinking and driving at any age just does not mix.
It's so sad. This boy was not a difficult child by any means and was going into his senior year of highschool in the fall. I don't know how parents get through something like this.

I hope they learn, but unfortunately my difficult child and easy child had 3!!! friends killed in drunk driving accidents within 2 years. One boy had gone to the prom with my difficult child and they were good friends. To this day, some of my easy child's friends (who are now 25) still DUI. Unfortunately, my easy child does, too, which makes him a difficult child at that time. BUT--last weekend he had too much to drink and a friend drove him home!! YEAH!!


Hi Karen,
just wanted to tell you how sorry I am and I know this is going to be hard on easy child. It is so hard to lose friends, especially at that age. I remember when I was in 11th grade our history teacher told us that one of our classmates would be dead in a vehicle accident by the time we left high school--every year he had a student die. He was right, too. We did lose a classmate in a motorcycle accident.

So sorry,

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Such a sad turn of events. I hope it teaches the kids the reality of drinking and driving. But what a way to learn it. :frown:

Saying prayers for the kids and family.



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It seems that there is a rash of this in the summer. With the kids out of school there is more time to goof off, be irresponsible, something. It makes me angry and terribly sad for the kids, the families, and the friends.

I'm so sorry, Karen.



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When difficult child 1 was 17 there was a kid fishing on the same boat he was on. This kid had been drinking all night then out in the sun all day. He ended up falling asleep at the wheel (passed out) and hit another car killing himself.

It was very heartbreaking.

Do they learn? I think they remember.


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It's sad when a life ends so young, even sadder when they choose to drink and drive and pay the ultimate price for that mistake....Thinking of your family and his.....


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There is a big to do in our area on the TV news and the newspaper regarding this issue. My own community loses approx 1 kid per WEEK in a driving accident. (that is an average) and it is so scary. When I was in HS it was a big to do, then, too, for during my time in HS I lost at least 10 friends in car accidents. (altho one was an electrocution at a car wash, one was getting hit by a car and one was the car getting hit by lightening)

It is my opinion that when media covers the stories of car accidents, they do not tell enough of the after effects of car accidents, either. SO many people do not seem to understand that injuries can require life long ramifications.

Many hugs to all hurting due to this tragedy.


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So sorry to hear this. Poor easy child. It is best if she is around her friends alot.

We have had 11 under 20yo deaths in 30 days. sad.


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It is very sad. My husband is away for a few days and she slept in my bed last night because she was really freaked out about the whole thing. I know they all experiment with underage drinking and I know she's no exception. I overheard her on the phone with her boyfriend last night saying she's never drinking again and that everyone is saying that. I hope they all remember this in the months and years to come.