Friends' Jealousy and Rumors

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    You may remember that manster has a couple of friends who are girls. R is the one he was close to for a while and the one he kissed (or she kissed him more likely) in the back seat of my car last Halloween. She was rather aggressive and often hurt him both physically (punching and hitting) as well as verbally. Manster was unable to assert boundaries and just lost interest in being her friend. It took a while to get distance there because she doesn't have many friends and continued along with her mom to engage us with activities. I tried to explain to mom that they just developed bad relationship dynamics and didn't lay blame though I know R has lost friends before. Well this summer manster has become closer with his other friend S. S is absolutely awesome. She's patient with manster and actually enjoys his humor and laughs at his jokes and pursues hanging out. They are mutt and jeff. She is tall, AA and thin, while manster is pudgy, much shorter and as white as white can be lol. He's getting burnt out though. Because of his AS he requires more alone time than he's had over the summer but school is about to start in one week and the ideal balance with return.

    On to topic of what I wanted to say. R goes to manster's daycare (and incidentially is in his 5th grade classroom next year) and started a rumor last week that manster *slept* with S. Manster was upset and told all the daycare workers about it and they said they would talk to her mom but I don't know if they just told him that to appease him. I told manster that I thought R was jealous of his friendship with him and sad that he didn't want to be her friend any more. He said "well duh, of course I know that." I didn't grill him regarding what "slept with" meant to him because I know he has a rough idea and figured it was best to just let that go. But can you believe 10 year olds!

    Just thought I'd share a day in the life .
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    Oh, ML, it's amazing how young girls start fighting over men!

    How do you think manster will handle things once school starts?
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    I know SW! Thanks for your response :)

    I think he will just ignore R for the most part. There are going to be around 33 kids in each classroom (two of them when previously there were always three) and that's my biggest concern for 5th grade. I plan to volunteer as much as possible.