From the mind of a cat

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    This is a poem from i can haz cheezburger. It reminds me of the cat who moved into my college apartment and strongly disliked my roommate and her boyfriend. Ralph Kitty got his name because he would vomit (ralph) when she fought with anyone. Mostly in her shoes. She was forever putting afoot into a shoe and shrieking because there was cat puke in it. He never, not even one time, left presents in MY shoes. But I bought his food and water (SHE is the one who brought him into our home, not me) and stood on the blacony blowing bubbles for him to chase int he courtyard.

    Here is the poem:

    After the Party
    Your friend Pam
    smells nice and applies
    proper petting pressure
    She says
    The nastiest about
    You when you
    leave the room.
    That is why
    I pooped
    in her purse

    By Lynda Miston

    Gotta love cat logic
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    This thread is a curse! Right after I read this, Puddles threw up on one shoe and in another!
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    Yup, it's a cat!