Frontline story on Mentally Ill offenders on the outside.

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    This story goes hand and hand with the book "Crazy" if any of you have read that by Pete Early.
    This looks into the Mental Health system and what happens to offenders when they are released from prison.
    How they cope, where they go. Most do not make it, most do not have support.
    This is about the seriously mentally ill.
    They can't be expected to remember to take their medications, most don't know they are even on medications!
    So they become unstable again.... cycle continues, no where for them to go. Not enough hospitals for the Mentally Ill, due to de-institutionalization.

    I cried through a lot of it. I have had family go through this and I don't know the answers. I just know it makes me so sad and wish I did have an answer and wish I could only do more.
    I suppose my voice has got to be enough for now.
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    I watched this program as well. I too wish I had the answer...