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    I am the aunt of a five year old boy who has be diagnosed with ODD, and my family and I are totally frustrated with the lack of help that we getting from the school system. I have just realized recently that my nephew has a real mental disorder and not just a behavior problem that can be solved with time outs or any other form of punishment. I am afraid that sister is going into depression because she does not know how to deal with him. My sister has very little money and relies on state medical aid which has not helped at all. Now that my nephew is in school he has been supsended 3 times this year already. I am just looking for ideas on where to even begin to get help for my nephew.
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    I'm brand new to this ODD rollercoaster too, and have no advice as i'm in the same boat, but huge hugs to you and your sister. Hopefully someone can take your nephew now and then to give her a breather and help her regroup.
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    Has the school called for a Student Study Team (SST) meeting? That is the first step towards getting help through the school district. In my opinion, 3 suspensions for a kindergartener is silly. Something is going on with the child and the school needs to help figure out what it is. Your sister can send the school district a written request for an SST meeting. The Special Education forum on this site has some sample letters. By the way, meeting with the SD are always stressful and it is always nice to take someone along for support, so if you are available to go with your sister, that would probably help her a lot. Those meetings can be scary.

    A lot of people on this site have not had a good experience with their school districts, but my family has had a generally positive experience with our public school. When money is an issue (as it often is), the school district is not a bad place to start looking for help.

    An appointment with the pediatrician also seems called for.

    Good luck.
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    Hey Tcole! Welcome to the crowd!

    I'm usually of the opinion that ODD is a symptom of something else that causes kids to act the way they do. Granted, I don't have a degree in psychology, but what the heck! It's my opinion! ;)

    Try and think back to his early development. Was he "icky" about stuff like itchy tags, the way things felt, sounded or looked? Did he become an authority on certain subjects? Are there any developmental disabilities within the family? How's his eye contact with people he doesn't know?

    As far as being on medicaid, she can really find some help. What she wants to do is have a neuropsychologist evaluation done. They can usually be performed at a Children's or Teaching Hospital. Tell her to be ready - there's usually a long waiting list! They'll test him completely and you'll get a better feel for what's going on.

    Now, as far as school goes - does he have an IEP? This is short for an "Individual Education Plan". There are all types of services and accomodations that can be built into this document. What has he been suspended for? If you don't mind posting what state you're in, I can help you search for an advocate that may be able to help you get what he needs.

    Keep posting and reading - it's a great goup of people here with lots and lots of experience!

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    Hi. I'm on Medical Assistance and my son got great help. Of course, every state is different.

    Has your sister ever taken her son to a university hospital's neuropsychologist? They are usually on the cutting edge of psychiatry and neurology and actually are far better than someone in private practice. Best of all, they take Medical Assistance. I've had no problem at all getting help for my son.

    Secondly, are there any psychiatric problems or neurological differences on either side of your nephew's family tree? Genes matter. How was his early development and how are his social skills?

    Welcome to the board.:tongue: