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    debr frustrated mom

    Went to pediatrician neurologist yesterday and 10 yo difficult child will be taking 1 mg of abilify for her odd/anxiety/impulse behaviour. she will remain on the daytrana 15mg patch for adhd. can anyone give me some feedback on any side effect or positive results on abilify.

    It has been ruled out austism, bipolar and asper(not sure how to spell it)

    Any info will help
  2. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    How do you feel about the results?
    by the way: Asperger Syndrome it is a hard one. ;) most people can't pronounce it, or agree on how to pronounce it! LOL
    It is considered an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I am not as well versed on the the Spectrum Disorders as others on the board.

    Are you comfortable with the medication?

    Have you researched Abilify? Did the Pediatric Nuerologist give you all of the info on it or answer all of your questions?

    I honestly don't know how Abilify will affect you Daughter. Abilify does not touch my Daughter's ODD/Anxiety or impulsivity.

    It helps with her Psychotic Features. K is on 5mg. It has caused weight gain and tics. But we have to keep her on it or her symptoms basically make it so that she barely functions in society.

    Sorry my answers are likely not what you want to hear.
    But it may be the medication she needs? I don't know, every child is different.
    I do know there may be better medications out there for anxiety though.

    There are also ways to deal with Anxiety without medications, therapist's can help a lot with suggestions and techniques for her. We are working on this for both of my Daughters.
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    How could a neurologist rule anything out? There are no blood tests. Did he do extensive testing, like 6-10 hours worth? As a rule, neurologists don't do that sort of testing...and are not experts in things like autism, Aspergers or bipolar disorder.

    There's no way to rule out anything. It's all in the eyes on the person doing the evaluation and another evaluator could think something else is wrong. Trust me, been there/done that (I have bipolar and have had soooooo many diagnosis. and son was misdiagnosed tons of times too).

    I would not believe anything was ruled out. I know it's frustrating, but there are no ways to rule out these disorders and it's best to keep an open mind.

    As for Abilify, all I know is that it's an antipsychotic that is used off-label for some things.
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I wasn't clear if the Neurologist was the one ruling in/out the diagnosis's?
    But MWM is right!