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    Good morning all! Well I am going to update (again) and ask that anyone who can please tell me what you think. Took difficult child 2 to have his psycoeducational testing done and finally got results. Let me start with saying he has seen 3 different docs all in the same group. ! doctor has said possibly Aspergers or Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) then 1 doctor said ADHD then yet another said bi-polar. Then when I go to get test results they said none of the above just mental retaradation??? What the he** is up with that? My son is NOT mentally retarded. He may be a little slower at picking things up but I am not buying that. they said that his behavior is due to not being able to express himself. Bull!! They say he needs Occupational Therapist (OT), speech, feeding therapy etc. And possibly Special Education. I am so frustrated with this ****. It has been one big circle and an ongoing battle for them to tell me this!! I started bawling when they say that. On top of that he has started pre k and they are having trouble with him crying and going into meltdowns when transitioning form one activity to another. I am at the end of my rope and have no idea what to do next. Can anyone give me any feedback?? Please!!!
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    That just shows you that this is an inexact science. At his young age it is especially hard to really know what is wrong so they pretty much gave him every diagnosis under the sun, hoping one is true.
    I would go with the interventions and wait until he's older to evaluate him again. If he has a speech delay and social delays (including being finicky about food) I would keep an eye on Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Often doctors are just loathe to actually use that diagnosis when kids are young, yet early treatment gives a child the best overall prognosis so it's counterproductive. Go with your gut about your child and get him all the help you can. There are no blood tests so nothing is written in stone. Here's an online Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) test you may want to take. It can tell you a lot:
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    {{{Hugs}}} It does sound very frustrating. It sounds like they thought he is developmentally delayed, which isn't exactly the same thing as mentally retarded. I know it's upsetting, but you need to follow up with the suggested treatment plan. Many of our kids improve drastically when they receive Occupational Therapist (OT), speech or other appropriate therapies. Also, is he attending pre-school through the public school system? If so, make sure he is screened to get an IEP. If not, the school district can still have him evaluated and observed in a private school setting. They may pull him into a special needs pre-k if warranted.
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    I know this is going to be hard but ignore the mental retardation comment and let them set him up with speech, Occupational Therapist (OT), feeding therapy and early intervention preschool. I've known parents who have sent very bright--even gifted--children to special education preschool in order to have these other areas addressed with good success.

    When you meet with the early intervention team they will look at all of the reports and see that the doctors really don't know what's going on at this young age but that there are some areas that definitely need addressing. That's all you need right now--some sort of working diagnosis to get him the services he needs.

    If he's in a regular pre-K, I'd make a call to the public school district and follow up with a letter requesting a complete evaluation. Sometimes sending a child to a preschool that isn't set up to handle their issues or a child who really isn't ready can do more harm than good in terms of anxiety so be sure and keep in close contact with his pre-K teachers.
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    Yeah, forgot they said my son had a Low IQ at your son's age. That was because, due to his communication difficulties, he was hard to test. Not to mention his young age. My son has a normal IQ. If you think yours does too, you are probably correct. We Moms are pretty sharp ;) (I'm not kidding either)
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    Thanks for all the replies!:anxious: He is enrolled in an early childhood pre k through school system. I talked to them today and had them file a request for screening for Occupational Therapist (OT), speech and feefing therapy. So they are supposed to get that started. I really hope this works. The doctor mentioned special classes for him but I am leary about doing that. I am hoping with him in school he will pick up some things from the other children and blossom. I am going to sit back and watch for now I guess and see how he does. But I am really fed up with the doctors. Why can't they just say they don't know!! lol Oh well, thanks for your support anyways!