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    My son Seth, is 10 years old and in the 5th grade. He has behaviour issues at school that the teachers and I have discussed. He has been placed in the In School Suspension program several times for his behavior. The teachers and I stay in contact daily. He brings home all of his classwork, and we complete is at night, because they cant get him to stay focused and complete the work at school. This is an issue for me. He is doing absolutely nothing there, and i am left teaching him at home. He is an extremely intellegent child, just not capable of paying attention. I would like to stop the behavior issue, before it gets really bad.
    My other child is a 14 year old, Samuel, has been in 3 different residential programs, for bipolar,conduct disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder. He is currently taking 60 mg of Geodon, and 15 mg of Remeron at nite. He was taking clozaril, which worked wonderfully, but messed up his white blood count, and we had to take him off. He is somewhat better, has good days and bad days.
    I am a full time nursing student. I have an 18 year old son, graduating from National Guard today!!!
    I have 2 step children, A 17 yo daughter, with no issues, and a 14 year old step son, with bipolar, currently on abilify 30mg and trileptal. My partner is working hard to support and take care of all of us.
    Whew, thats a handful. And now i dont know where to go with the school district. The teachers realize there is a problem, but i guess they want to wait til it gets really bad to start to deal with it.
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    Welcome. I'm glad you found us.

    Because this site is public and viewed by many all over the world, I recommend omitting the photograph of your family to protect your privacy.

    Sorry for all the questions, but your answers will help us help you?

    Does Seth have a diagnosis? Has he had an evaluation? Is he on any medications or in therapy?
    Does he have an IEP or 504 plan at school?
    How does he do with peers?
    Any sensory issues?
    Any speech or developmental delays?
    Any mental health issues (besides his brother) or substance abuse in the family tree?

    My daughter is having trouble getting her schoolwork done, and I told her teachers that schoolwork belongs in school. They sometimes keep her in during recess to get caught up (I know that doesn't always work with active boys).

    Again, welcome
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    wow you have your hands full, welcome, please know you've found a safe place here.

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    I was here many years ago, when we were dealing with Sam.
    Thanks for the advice about the photo. As for your questions about Seth, we have request a full initial evaluation, and the school district denied our request. The reason being, that he is not failing YET. He does not have any kind of ruling, just this poor tired mom, ready to give the school district an earful.
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    Sorry, got sidetracked. The only real issue with peers is he has a tendency to show his anger, hitting and such. He has no delays developmentally or physically. He can make the honor roll, but his attention span and behaviors have gotten him in trouble.
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    Have you thought about a private evaluation, maybe with a neuropsychologist? You need some answers to give you some direction.

    Did you request the initial evaluation in a letter sent by Certified Mail? Did the school district turn the initial evaluation down in a letter back to you?
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    I just noticed that Seth is on Strattera. Strattera can make kids mean and moody. You might be seeing side effects to the medication.