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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Dec 28, 2009.

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    It was time for me to get dressed and all of us to get out the door and on our way. husband waited until the last minute to ask for a Sympathy Card and at the same moment, difficult child went off because he had waited until the very last second to gather his wallet and gift cards and had lost a gift card.

    husband got tired of listening to difficult child and I so he said, "I will just go without you two." (see, putting us on the same level - warning to everyone, DO NOT PUT YOUR SPOUSE ON THE SAME LEVEL AS YOUR CHILDREN - EVER!!!!)

    "NO, YOU WILL NOT! I have to find YOUR sympathy card AND difficult child's gift card. I have to do EVERYTHING! You can wait!"

    "I will just stop somewhere and buy a card." "NO, You will wait!" (husband's answer to everything is to walk away leaving me to deal with temper tantrums.)

    So, I hand husband a few cards to choose from and continue looking for difficult child's gift card. difficult child insists that I lost it, that he handed it to me. I assured him that I never touched it and that it was most likely in the Christmas garbage since the garbage bag was sitting next to the coffee table and I already found another gift in there. The bag was just wrapping paper so difficult child brought it in the house to go through.

    Ofcourse, we could not find it and difficult child was going to miss his opportunity of using it today (not a store close by like it). So, he screams at me that I owe him $10 for loosing the card. He DEMANDS that I pay him RIGHT NOW! I firmly tell him that I did not see it, that HE has lost it, not me and he is not allowed to behave like this.

    Guess what I found within minutes of returning home tonight? It was not what I thought it would look like (remember, I really never saw it) and I don't remember seeing it this morning. It was not near the place we went through the Christmas garbage bag.

    difficult child is trying to excert control over me. This will be brought up at the next therapist visit. I wish therapist could see how angry difficult child does get.

    And next time I take two weeks off of work, remind me to do so when school is in session.

    Ugh Ugh Ugh!
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    Ugh! I hate those interactions. If everyone could calm down it would be a normal interaction. But, no things have to escalate. Ugh! I just hate it.