fun communication breakthrough!! (sharing idea)

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    I was hoping to do a little communication project in family therapy with difficult child 3, but it didn't work out over the thanksgiving holidays... so I did it on my visit (first visit in 3 1/2 months) with him. it turned out really well and we all had fun doing this (difficult child 1 helped too).

    I tried to think of how i could let difficult child 3 know how frustrating it is to always have your efforts to get things rolling smoothly destroyed before you can even get them half accomplished...

    and I came up with this ...

    I bought a set of infant building blocks, and wrote on them all the things that it took to build a "happy home/family". then with him playing the mom role and me playing "life" (difficult child 1 played murpheys law) I systematically crashed what he had built.

    "ooops - the car broke down- that knocks out the bills, schedule, and special gifts; ooops- kid acted up at school- meeting with the school staff replaces money making project; etc."

    after 30 minutes- I told him I was not getting rid of him but had to freeze the source of disruption until i could get something accomplished and locked in place - difficult child 3 got the idea that every uncooperative act creates a whole chain of events to be shuffled around, and that some things have to be put on hold.

    just wanted to share this with everyone.
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    Very interesting! and it sounds like fun.....thank you for sharing your idea
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    Thank you!

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    Wow!! Oh I just love that! It takes time to figure out how the communicate to anyone and that sounds like a creative offer to illustrate what is happening.
    Beautiful job there Mom! I give you the Bingo Award for on target lesson planning!
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    Something I have told my son for as long as I can remember and he is just NOW getting it..?

    EVERYTHING that you do touches someone elses life. EVERY-THING.

    My son wasn't able to get the cognitive chain of events but I never considered your method. Good one!

    Oh and welcome to the board
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    Good idea!! I'm glad he got it- it's funny how sometimes changing the lesson to something visual and simple makes it "click" in place for them!!
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    Fantastic and creative!!!! Compassion