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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by slsh, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Honestly, no parent of a difficult child should be deprived of the opportunity to hear their mega-oppositional, infinitely defiant, surly, and sullen teen heave sighs through a speaker phone for 45 fun-filled minutes. It's simply an experience of a lifetime.

    He refused to participate other than to acknowledge he brushes his teeth when he feels like it (ie once a blue moon), knows he needs deodorant but doesn't have any (and is far too challenged to pick up a stick when he goes to get his illegal ciggies), finds folding laundry and putting it away to be "too much work", and admantly refuses to do anything he's told, on principle.

    Oh... and this gem... teacher describes a recent episode where he trashed her classroom completely - threw computer, shredded every piece of paper he could get his hands on, threw furniture, etc., but even though this ended in a restraint ("I was just trying to leave the room and I *said* I would clean it up")... this does not equate violence. The trigger? "I was bored." Heaven help us all.

    The world according to Tyler.

    Really, far more fun than any parent should have to endure in the space of 45 minutes.

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    Oh Sue...when did you have the chance to speak to Cory on the phone?

    Seriously...the only difference between our kids is the fact that Cory is fastidious about keeping his body and teeth clean because of girls. You cant get laid if you are nasty! Maybe thank you will figure that one out

    Cory has the same idiotic way of attempting to connect the dots in his fantasy world. I dont know what world it is that he lives in but it isnt the same one that I live in though. Case in point: Burger King denies that they have a check for him, he gets loud and obnoxious so the manager calls the cops. Now...instead of Cory acting like a rational human being and doing what he is told...he gets loud and mouthy with the cops! Tsk Tsk...ends up in the back of the car.

    Now end result of burger king was they were wrong! They did owe him. But he had to be a jerk. Why now act like a grown up instead of a toddler?

    He does the same thing over and over again with everything. He simply cant change his responses to anything.

    Im with you on the headbanging.
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    I'm so sorry-how very frustrating!!!!!!!!!
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    You're right, Sue.

    Surely with a fun adventure like that, they could extend it to at least 2 hours. I mean, come on. Its not like this is cheap entertainment here....gotta get your money's worth.

    All kidding aside, so sorry...sometimes I wonder what goes thru their minds.

    <Well, DUH! Don't we all. If we didn't, we wouldn't all be members of a board called'm blonde...>
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    So sorry!! One thing I'm learning is that it's NEVER her fault! The universe has been twisted and warped to make sure that even though she never does "anything' wrong - she is always blamed but it is never her fault! Sometimes I'd like to take the word responsibility and shove it up her a**!!!!!! Oh, sorry! that word is only for use by us - the parents - It's not only not their fault - the fault is always ours - sorry for venting on your post but I am SOOOOOO in touch with the feeling!!! It's been along night. i should probably shut up now!
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    You didn' t have the popcorn & peanuts ready because? Come on - this was a comedic performance of Oscar proportions given by young master thank you here. :angrydude: I've heard better excuses out of wm - thank you didn't even try.

    What I'm sorry for is that your difficult child is wasting a huge resource for himself & to what end? To be "cool"? To prove that when he's bored he's willing to end up in jail because he can't think of anything better to do than trash a classroom?

    thank you knows this stuff - he knows better. For better or worse because of his level, he's needed years of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) & better. And Residential Treatment Center (RTC) has learned to find a really cheap resource in computer replacement.

    The world according to thank you - Arghhhhh! How scary.:clubbing::talkhand::surprise: