Fun thread: Pet peeves...have one or some?


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1.Noisy eaters.

2. Drivers who tailgate.

3. People who loudly proclaim political, religious or any controversial topics in social groups or just in a loud voice around a lot of other people.

4. People who can't put shopping carts back so that they block parking spots.

5. People who ignore their rowdy young kids and let them throw food or make noise or run around in restaurants or food courts.

6. People who don't pick up their dog's poop.

7. People who smoke in parking lots and toss butts on the ground rather than walking to an ash tray to dispose of them. Ditto for those who drop soda and beer cans on the ground. Or anything.

8. Stores with gross washrooms.

9. People who make cracking noise with gum.

10. People who stand too close.

Ok, those are a few of mine. Anyone else?
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OMG... where to start, SOT! LOL! :)

Okay... here goes.

- People who fail to hold a door open for others, and in-turn, people who fail to say thank you for such a deed.

- False advertising! BIG one for me! Companies, businesses, stores, etc, should be stiffly fined for such deceitful practices.

- People texting and playing on the electronic devices while behind the steering wheel of a vehicle! Forget fines, as those caught doing such should have their drivers licences suspended (FOR LIFE)!

- Dull diaper pins! Yes, I'm going back a few years, but trying to push a dull pin through a double diaper at change-time used to unravel me! Nothing like having a supply of quality sharp pins when diapering!

- People who click to tops of writing pens!!! STOP IT! Don't do it!

- People who play with their hair. Ewww! Just don't...

- Whining, crying kids in restaurants!

- People who carry-on a full-fledged conversation (LOUDLY) in a lineup at the store or bank or other! To those that do, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOUR PRIVATE OR PERSONAL CONVERSATIONS!

- Trying to get your shopping done on a busy day and having to navigate around other shoppers who (for whatever unknown reason) think they're the ONLY ones shopping in the store! MOVE YOUR FLIPPIN' CART!

- Smokers that go outside for a puff, then before butting-out their cigarette, they take one last deep drag, hold it, then re-enter the building or vehicle with their lungs full of smoke!

- Disposable diaper commercials, particularly the ones that brag that their diapers are good for 12 hours! A wet diaper, is a wet diaper, is a wet diaper. Change your kid!

- Television commercials that advertise gadgets and products for the home, etc, then offer a second item (for free) if call in the next 5 minutes! Gimme a break!

- People eating with their mouths open!

LOVE this topic and will be back (again and again) to add more as I think of them, and to read everyone else's additions!


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I worked at a restaurant. You haven't lived until you see mom's hauling in two year olds wearing g no shoes OR socks. Ick. It happened much more than I expected. One mother lifted her sockless, shoeless toddler on the table and laughed as the toddler danced in her bare feet right besides all the food. The restaurant manager saw, rolled his eyes, but did not want to tick off a guest.

Ok. TV commercials. i usually play on my phone or walk around during TV commercials but I do get annoyed at prescription drugs being advertised on TV. They only allow this nonsense in the U.S. Many millennials have dumped cable with it's endless commercials for Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Sling etc. Cable is in trouble. If you were unaware, this is very true. Three of my kids have no cable. And you can read about how cable is not connecting with those who will be our future.

Another related pet peeves. Those who act like our grandparents did regarding us and bash the younger generation as useless. I remember hearing that Elvis was a perv, the Beatles would make all boomers take drugs, that we were all hippies who were useless etc. Typical of what some my age say about millennials. Big pet peeve of mine. Also blaming videogames for everything. Anything can become obsessive. And there are good hard workers and slackers in every generation.

And since this is Super Bowl Sunday and I like football, I have two more pet peeves relationing to that: The Patriots and Tom Brady. Let me add biased commentators and cheerleaders. Men can't go for three hours without seeing young women shaking their bodies lol.

Wow. This is a way to harmlessly let off steam :) I feel sooooo good!!!
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People that sit on the exercise machines at the gym and play with their phone.

Attention ****ing on social media.

Can’t think of anything else right this minute, and gotta get going.

Thanks for this topic!

Pink Elephant

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- People stubbing their cigarette butts out right in front of store businesses.

- People emptying out their vehicle ashtrays in parking lots!

- How about seeing dirty diapers in parking lots? That one really chaps my behind! When mothers still used cloth diapers, you never seen a dirty discarded diaper.

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- Mothers that deliberately make-up stories about how advanced their young children are. For example... "my kid toilet trained and was out of diapers at 6 months" sort of thing.


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Hi, Old Hand ;). I'm past the little kid age and I don't see dirty diapers lying around either. But I sort of space out when anyone brags about a family member or spouse. I like my own kid's and spouse, thank you, and am hard to impress since I don't see that college or degrees make you a better person or even better employed than people with two year relavant degrees. And it doesn't make you a caring person, which I value above all else.

Old hand, I rarely tell this to anyone because I don't expect people to believe it and Jumper was only advanced in some ways, not academically. But I swear she walked in the middle of her seventh month lol. Princess was babysitting so we missed the first steps. We came home, she was running. She also taught herself to potty on her little toilet by 18 months. I never bothered to sit and coach my kid's pottying. They did it when they did it. Jumper copied big people always.

Now Jumper had learning disabilities and did not read until eight and was in special education for a while but she walked at seven months. As God is my witness.

I am so bored by those, especially people I barely know, who brag....about their kids, their spouses jobs or their degrees. So this would be a pet peeve too. It's one reason I don't like FB. FB to me is like one big Christmas Brag letter. Remember those? ;) in their day, they were a pet peeve too.
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Snot. And kids who enjoy talking about it. The fart stuff I can shut down, but snot just makes me sick to even think about. I couldn't even help Miss KT with her nose. Nope. Can't do it.

As was said earlier...dirty diapers in the parking lot. Let's not go all ghetto, folks, find a trash can.

Shopping carts abandoned when the customer has paid, and picks up their bags and leaves the line. I have been known to point out, in a really loud voice, that you have to go past the carts to leave the store, so PUT IT AWAY!

People who knock stuff down in a store and make no effort to pick it up. No one is paid enough to be your personal maid in Target. Pick it up.

Slow drivers. Move over already. There's an entire right lane just for you.

Waiting for people. The occasional thing, I understand, but chronically late drives me nuts. And watching someone piddle around when you have to GO right now or you'll both be late makes me want to scream.


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1.Drivers who stay in the left lane right on your tail and speed up when you do so you cant change lanes.
2.Vulgar language in front of young kids
3. Burger king "king"
4. Repeating things and numbers over and over in commercials.
5. People who blow their horns before you can move your foot from the brake to the gas.


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I don't know why I thought of this...the snot thing probably.

People who loudly blow their noses in public ,like the restaurant I worked at. There is a rest room for that. Ick!

This is also restaurant inspired. People who drop bloody menstrual napkins in the toilet. And to a lesser degree, those who don't flush.


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Some repeats
1. People who talk loudly on their cell phone in public
2. People who answer their cell phone when you are with them for a special event like a birthday and worse, don’t get off the phone swiftly.
3. People who lie
4. People who are rude
5. People who are snobs
6. People who clearly harm you or mess up and don’t apologize
7. People who cram their opinions down your throat
8. People who can’t accept a differing opinion than their own and worse if they ridicule the person with the different opinion
9. People who think they are better than you ...better class etc.
10. People who deceive other people and manipulate them for their own gain
11. Narcissism
12. Braggarts
13. People who copy you or worse, feel a strong need to do ‘one better’
(Although sometimes feel sorry for some of these folks, esp. the last two)


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Wow. Great ones, Nomad. This thread is bringing things to the surface. Things i forgot about that are more serious.

1. People who belittle other people's memories or feelings just because they didn't feel the same about something.

2. People who
refuse to take responsibility for what they do, including family members and friends.

3 Bullies
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- Overly judgemental people who comment and critique other people's choices in life.

I had a neighbour many years ago that told me I was "behind the times", because I was still using cloth diapers in a disposable diaper world. Well, I thought, we have little money, I don't want to add to the garbage scene, and as the stay-at-home mom that I was, I preferred using reusable cloth diapers like my own mom used on me, but I never offered-up my thoughts and opinions on such, and instead, let her comment go and carried on as if she said nothing.

Funny how some people think that because everyone else is getting married and having kids, EVERYONE should get married and have kids, and just because a good number of mothers today use disposable diapers, EVERYONE should use disposable diapers, like there's a law against branching-out and using cloth. Like as if it's taboo or something...

- Supermarket, checkout staff, that blow their nose at the till, then carry on handling your groceries. Had it happen to me a few months ago. Ewww!

- Shopping at a large store and not being able to find any floor help, and when you do find someone that works at the store, they're young, new, and have zero knowledge about everything.


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Slow shoppers when I'm in a hurry. Fast shoppers when I'm not in a hurry.

Cell-phone texters who are oblivious to the world and just about run into you on the sidewalk before they look up. Sometimes I stop and wait to see if they're going to walk into me.

Coupons or sales that are mislabeled, too obscure, or have too many exclusions. More than once, I've spent time gathering the three items required to get a discount, only to find out that I picked up the wrong size or item, so the whole deal is invalid.


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
1. People who think they know it all
2. People that think they are better than me
3. People that complain. OMG do something about it. I don't want to hear it!
4. Dirty bathrooms in stores etc.
5. People that mistake your kindness for weakness
6. People that think they can control you and get mad when they cannot
7. People that hold grudges. Let it go! Move on!
8. People that abuse substances, alcohol etc. Don't drink more than you can handle.
9. Rude salespeople, cashiers etc. UGH BOILS MY BLOOD.

Great thread and I'll think of more~


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Religious people of any kind or atheists who try to preach or to tell you that you are wrong.

People who text and drive.

People who think they are beautiful and make nasty comments about those they feel are not. Same with thin people who criticize those who are not.

Racists of any stripe against any group.

Statements that are simplistic such as "He wouldn't be homeless if he just got a job" (when we don't know the story which could be extreme mental illness or low cognitive function and no family) or "He is alawyer so obviously he is a jerk (see Lil a very kind lady) or "Liberals ruined Milwaukee" forgetting that the Governor of the state is Conservative and "Conservatives are all haters." A riculous comment. I have heard all these things. I guess I don't like broad based assumptions about people. They are never true and are meant to demean.

People who go to a sit down restaurant and won't tip. Go to McDs!


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Mispronunciation of the word "nuclear" as "noo-kyoo-lar".

People who stand right in front of an elevator door. (Bill does this and it makes me want to strangle him.)

Not acknowledging when I am talking... If you don't acknowledge, I will assume you didn't hear me and repeat myself.

People who hurt their own children, or stand by while others hurt them.

People who don't respect personal space.

People who act like the world is their door mat and people are their personal slaves.

People who mistreat animals.


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Empty ice cube trays in the freezer.

People who use the last roll of toilet paper and fail to tell the resident TP purchaser about it!


Pink Elephant

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- Religious folk who knock on people's doors peddling their religion.

My philosophy is this, we have many-a church in our area, and I am perfectly capable of finding said church if I'm interested.