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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. timer lady

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    It was a beautiful day yesterday - 60 plus degrees; nice sunny afternoon. husband & I were taking a break on the patio; husband is working from home & I was out back sketching - there was a lot of activity going on as the birds & squirrels get ready for the soon coming cold weather.

    Right in the middle of this idyllic scene there was a huge rustling in the neighbors yard & a very harsh call. husband & I looked up to see a red tailed hawk dive into our yard & whisk away one of the squirrels feeding at the squirrel feeder.

    It was the kind of scene that I had to take time to process; the kind of scene that takes one's breath away. Very sudden & surprising.

    It promises to be another beautiful day today - I may have to think twice sitting out on the patio.
  2. goldenguru

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    I had a similar experience ... except the hawk swooped down and got himself a morning dove. There was a large poof of down feathers and the poor dove was gone.

    Hawks really are beautiful, amazing creatures. And while I'm sure it broke your heart to see the squirrel killed, what you witnessed was amazing.

    Nature is not always "pretty". In fact, mother nature is often very cruel. I hope you are able in time to sketch what you saw.
  3. timer lady

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    I spent a great deal of time sketching then painting that hawk yesterday afternoon. It was a beautiful creature. There was a grace to him as he swooped in for his prey.

    Quite a scene. I wasn't expecting to see this beautiful bird of prey in the midst of an urban setting.
  4. Penta

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    I live in a major city in central Texas, but one that has so many greenbelts and secluded pockets of natural land. Right behind my apartment complex is a wildflower site, about 3 acres of natural land with a trail, meadow, woods and creek. Deer come right up to the fence, grazing and my little dog goes wild, not knowing what they are. One night an armadillo waddled right in front of us as we came up the walkway. And Oh, I love to watch the hawks circling in the sky looking for prey. They are such majestic creatures.

    Nature soothes my soul and takes my breath away on a daily basis.

    Enjoy your natural wonderland.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911


    This is the proper gear you should be wearing if you are to have future visits at the feeder. A report today confirmed a red tailed hawk in the area. Services for Rocky D. Squirrel will be tomorrow at 3:00 PM in the Oak tree by the mail box. A widow and orphans collection will be taken at that time. Rock left behind a wife and 2 children. He is preceded in passing by his Mother (UPS truck misfortune) and Father (neighbors Siamese cat).

    -well there's one portrait you won't be sketchin'! (Sorry)

  6. SRL

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    This is a timely reminder for us to closely supervise my daughter's bunny when she's outside. She's in an enclosed pen but it doesn't have a top on it and she'd be easy prey without a human nearby to make birds of prey leery.
  7. timer lady

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    OMG, starbie - I have to get my squirrels outifits like this. No red tailed or not, will bother my critters.

    husband died when I showed this to him. Of course he feels, that I'm more than a little BFNs 7 & fit right in with the squirrels.

    SRL, it's good to protect any small animals that live in your yard; cats, rabbits, etc. Time of year, I guess.
  8. KFld

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    OMG!! I hope nobody has a little dog or cat roaming around their yard. Wouldn't that be terrible.
  9. LittleDudesMom

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    we have the red tailed hawks in my urban neighborhood as well. We also have some pretty good size owls. Last fall, the starlings roosted in our bamboo and never went further south (this was the first year they stayed more than a week or two). It was a mess and very noisy, but the red tailed hawks figured out that hundreds of starlings would be swooping into the bamboo in my backyard prior to dusk.

    The hawks actually would swoop in a nab a starling as it was swooping down into the bamboo. But, the craziest were the owls. I'm a smoker but I don't smoke in the house. I go out on my little back porch or the patio. Well, I would be out there at night and all of a sudden you would hear fluttering then the scwaking of tons of starlings. The owls actually went into the bamboo. They would sit in the three next to the bamboo and then go for it. Several mornings there was blood and, well, you know out on the back of the driveway near the bamboo.

    I've never seen a hawk go for a squirrel. But then again, we don't do squirrel feaders around here. There are plenty of nuts and such to keep them feed - plus, a squirrel feader would attract the other rodents that live with us in our urban area!!!! We have so many sqirrels - they are just tree rats to us (although we do have one albino and a couple black ones in the neighborhood that are kinda cool)!!!!

  10. DammitJanet

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    We raise chickens and we get the the hawks and owls that come down and nab the half grown chickens when they are on the yard or roosting in the trees.

    Its so annoying!