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    husband's class reunion was this weekend in Michigan.

    I love husband's family and friends. For the most part difficult child had a great weekend and easy child did very well too.

    We enjoyed a delicious bbq with his family on Friday and went out with a bunch of husband's friends from high school (I have actually known them for 20 years and love this group of friends, they always make me feel like such a par of the group and have become my friends as well as husband's).

    Saturday we took the kids swimming to a beautiful beach on Lake Michigan. easy child just laid out and read. husband and difficult child were in the water the entire time. I did a bit of both. It was so relaxing and both kids enjoyed themselves.

    Saturday night was the reunion. This was also a lot of fun but the best part was we (this group of husband's friends) decided to go to the grocery store and buy ice cream and toppings for Sundays. We were all laughing wondering what the clerk was thinking of this group of people in their late 40s all dressed up and buying ice cream. We went back to one of the friend's house and ate sundaes and visited until almost 1 a.m!

    Sunday was fun too (we all went swimming in sister in law's pool). Then drove home and got home around 10:30 last night.

    The kids had there moments but overall were very fun to be around this weekend. Just thought I'd share because so often these weekends don't run so smoothly.
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    I'm so happy you had such a nice time. And the kids, too!

    I wish for many more of these for you and your family.
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    WO -

    I have to know - because I've been down South for sooo long but wasn't lake Michigan cold???? Normally living there in August it would have been warm but I'm thinking 68 lake degrees is brrrrr.

    I'm so glad that everyone had a nice break and that you got to have a nice little mini-vacation before Fall got here. You certainly deserved it after the Summer you've had. :anxious:

    So did husband see a bunch of the "old gang" - how are they holding up comparably? What year reunion was this? lol?
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    Star-Interesting you asked about the Lake Michigan water. husband was worried that it would be too cold. He grew up there and said it's always cold. We lucked out though the lake temperature was great, not at all cold, just refreshing. It was husband's 30th reunion and he did get to reconnect with a lot of his old gang. They all seem to be doing really well.