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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Our school (thank you's school) sent home a flyer about a new fundraiser that I think is AWESOME. it costs parents ZIP ZILCH NADA and is easy to do. I am still exploring all of it, but thought I would pass it on. It might even be something the site could sign up on and benefit from.

    It is a website that you go to to do searches. It is powered by Yahoo and for every search the organization you choose gets a donation. They also have an affiliate that you can shop through and the org gets a donation. I know we can search Amazon through the site and it helps fund us. I don't know if Cheryl wants to or can sign up for this, but it would be worth looking into.

    The search is called GoodSearch - - and you can install a toolbar that makes it very easy to access.

    The shopping is called GoodShop - - and I don't know if that has a toolbar.

    Check it out to see if it is something your fave charity can use, or if maybe we can sign the site up to be a recipient.

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    THanks, good idea! Believe it or not we are searching for a soup kitchen to work in with kids this thanksgiving and have yet to find one!! Unreal. I've talked about doing this for years, and it's time now. Yet I've called so many and no one calls us back!

    We dont' want to head into manhattan, we want to stay out on island for kids sake difficult child manhattan would be overload on her that day
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    I'm interested. Sadly I have encountered several tragic situations lately with friends and work mates and we're doing all kinds of bake sales and events. A 50 year old friend and coworker has luekemia as does a friend/cw 2 year old daughter and they both needed bone marrow transplants. Another coworkers 7 year old son was diagnosis with schitophrenia and of course they are all poor without resources. Thanks for this idea. I feel good that I joined the bone marrow donor list this year.