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    My non-difficult child son and his Learning Disability (LD) friend were being hassled by a bully awhile ago. My son didn't know the kid and his friend only knew his first name. The kid pushed my son off his bike and then threatened to cut his head off with a samurai sword that he brought out from his house. They were all 11 years old.

    My son came home and told us. My H got in his car with our son and they went and knocked on the door.

    Imagine H's surprise when the dad who opened the door turned out to be the superintendent of our school district! Imagine the superintendent's shock when my son was able to accurately describe the weapon his son denied bringing out of the house!

    Sad to say that the superintendent's son is well known as a bully despite his father's efforts to rein him in. On occasion, I am tempted to send him this site anonymously.
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    Brings to mind that the house, parents' jobs, animals, etc... cannot prevent any parent from having a difficult child.
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    difficult children... the great equalizer. :winks:
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    Kids of people in authority have some kind of something that makes them think they are better than other kids much to the embarrassement of their parents.

    When Diva was younger and in Girl Scouts, each parent took one month of activities. So funny - you always knew which kid belonged to the parents in charge that month. ALWAYS the kid acting the brattiest, thinking they were in charge of EVERYTHING!

    husband is president of school board at our small day school. To which, difficult child felt he, difficult child, could make sure everyone, including the teachers, followed the rules. He tried to make himself husband's little snitch (difficult child became very angry when husband and I would not allow that behavior) and believed he could have one of his teacher's fired because his dad was school board president - many embarassing moments for me the last two years!
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    Very true about the parents' positions in the group/activity/community making even the most easy child of pcs act that way at least a few times!