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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 18, 2013.

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    A year or so ago my mother adopted the runt of one of my gfgbro's 'purebred' border collie litters. Of course there is ZERO way this dog is purebred border collie, she is likely half blue heeler or at least 1/4. Mostly because gfgbro thinks his three foot fence keeps other dogs away from his female border collie who is not allowed in the house while in heat because she bleeds all over.

    This dog was seriously bullied by the other dogs. She is VERY smart, and was even then.

    My father strongly dislikes telephones. He makes maybe four or five calls on his cell each month, and usually will only answer the phone if it bugs him. He refuses to leave or check voice mail unless he needs a plumber. He HATES plumbing.

    They have had a lot of 'robocalls' lately, esp from political parties/candidates. My father's solutionis to put the phone down by the dog if it is a robocall.

    While my mom thinks it is funny, and the dog enoys it, the dog will now insist on hearing who is on the phone. She will NOT go away until she is sure it is a real person and not the 'robot' automated calls. I was about rolling on the floor listening to the dog whine and bark at my mom until she heard my voice. If the dog does not recognize the voice, she will harass my mother on the phone because the dog sees that as an 'intruder' that she has to 'deal with'.

    I have zero clue what to tell my mother. There is no way to get my father to stop this. So mom has to figure out how to get the dog to leave her alone when she is on the phone. I just keep cracking up as my mother talks about this seriously. I find it hilarious!
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    I find it COOL!!

    Rufus is determined to protect me from his reflection in the oven door. LOL
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    My best friend has a cat that recognizes my name and voice. If we're on the phone and he hears my name, he fusses until she puts the phone by his head so I can say hello to him.

    Once I do that, he chirps, rubs his face on the phone, and settles right down.
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    That dog definitely has some border collie in her, though... if you don't give them enough work to do, they FIND work. So... your mom needs to come up with some other "jobs" for this dog. Jobs she can send the dog to go do, while she's on the phone.

    This one would take more time, but... teach the dog to go tickle your dad? (if he has ticklish feet, licking the feet will do it... )