Funny from last night!


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I accidently left the turkey out all night to thaw and didn't want to die eating it so I decided I would take difficult child and easy child out to dinner. When I got to the house to pick up difficult child she looked extremely tired. easy child and I went to the bathroom and then went to get back in the car. easy child got in the front passenger seat and difficult child got mad. She litterally acted like a 5 year old and turned around and went back inside because she was going to have to sit in the back seat.

I put it in reverse and left. LOL

I honestly think she was so tired from her job that she wasn't thinking straight but she must have forgotten that mommy no longer plays those games. If you act like a 5 year old you get treated like a 5 year old.

I bet she wished she had sat in the back seat after she had to pay for delivery of chinese food out of her own money.


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HAHA, good one DSTC. My kids once got into back seat wars when they were 24 and 20. I just sat there looking at them with my glasses pulled down on my nose until they stopped. Sheesh...really?!?