Funny letter let's all give to our husband's

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    Am I such a tyrant -husband dear-or do you say it mainly to tease me? I suppose I'm a bad manager and the house seems to take up so much time if it isn't looked after with some sort of method. I mean...when I have to clean up twice over or wash up unnecessary things I get frightfully impatient and want to be working. So often this week I've heard you and (someone) talking while I washed dishes. Well, someone's got to wash dishes & get food. Otherwise "there's nothing in the house but eggs to eat". Yes, I hate, hate, HATE doing these things that men all over just accept of their women. I can only play the servant with very bad grace indeed. ...&then you say I'm a tyrant & wonder why I get tired at night. The trouble with women like me is they can't keep their nerves out of the job at hand...(and you calling after me -isn't there going to be tea? It's after 5 o'clock?) As though I was a dilatory housemaid! I loathe myself today. I detest this woman who superintends you and rushes about, slamming doors and sloppping water- all untidy with her blouse out & her nails grimed.I am disgusted and repellled by the creature who shouts at you, "you might at least empty the pail & wash out the tea leaves!"
    Oh husband I wish a miracle would happen- and that you would take me in your arms and kiss my hands and face and say, "It's alright darling I quite understand.

    Somebody really wrote this to somebody....there's more but that's plenty.